White House in Turmoil as KJP Reveals Biden’s Neurologist Visit


Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press secretary confirmed on Monday that Joe Biden saw a neurologist only three times in his presidency as part of an annual physical.

Jean-Pierre acknowledged that “he has seen a neurologist three times…this is related to the physical we have been able to share with you.”

This admission follows a Sunday report that showed White House visitor logs that Biden’s main physician had repeatedly met with a Parkinson’s disease specialist in the White House during the first half of this year.

According to The New York Post on January 17, Dr. Kevin Cannard from Walter Reed and Dr. Kevin O’Connor, White House physician, met at the White House residence clinic with two other doctors. Dr. John E. Atwood was also in attendance. He is a Walter Reed cardiologist. The identity of the third attendee is unknown.

Ronny Jackson, a former White House physician who served under Presidents Trump and Obama suggested that this meeting was likely focused on Biden’s well-being because Kevin O’Connor is the White House doctor.

Monday’s report revealed that the Parkinson’s doctor had visited the White House 8 times in the last year. Fox Business reported that the number was over ten.

Jean-Pierre, however, refused to divulge anything more than her vague admission that he had made three visits for his physical. She refused to confirm New York Post reports or whether the specialists listed on the White House visitor logs visited the White House.

I’ve never before seen Jean-Pierre get so angry during a press conference. Watch the entire thing:

Jean-Pierre, in case you missed it, said that Biden regularly checks in with his physician while he is exercising — something she hadn’t previously disclosed.

She said that the president checks in with his doctor verbally a couple of times per week while exercising. He had one today.

Jean-Pierre denies that Biden is being treated or taking medication for Parkinson’s Disease.

The White House has lost control of the narrative and the mainstream media won’t let the matter of Biden’s health go anytime soon.