Controversy Erupts: Toronto Skinny-Dipping Club Offers Free Memberships to Children


The idea of a skinny-dipping group in Toronto raising eyebrows is hard to believe. Not only does it allow children to join but it also offers them free memberships to encourage their participation.

Skinnydippers from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), with their active Facebook page, appear to be real. The group’s website features a cartoon depicting a family of two naked children. I won’t link to this page.

The code of conduct of the group states that “children under 14 years old must be accompanied or supervised by an adult.” And the group is not shy about its disapproval of predatory behavior.

The code of conduct states: “We know that children are fun, and we still have some childhood left in us.” Children, in general, prefer to play with their peers and not with adults. Please behave accordingly. Please do not behave questionably around children. “If you don’t bring children, you are generally accepted as not playing with the kids.”

Photographing is permitted, but only with permission. If the person is a child, the parent or guardian must give permission. What exactly does that do to improve the situation?

The FAQ section of the website contains more questionable information.

Q. Q. (25 years and under)

A. A youth membership is free. A single person aged between 19 and 25 pays $5.00 per event, while a couple would pay $7.00. The price is determined by the person who is younger in the couple.

The worst is yet to come

Q. If I’m 18 years old or younger, can I come and what would the cost be?

A. you pay nothing. It’s FREE. (If you are under the age of 14 you must be accompanied by an adult 18 or older. If you fall between the ages of 14 and 18, you are welcome to attend for FREE without a guardian.

So kids as young as 14 can go without a guardian, right? How can anyone claim that allowing them to enter with a guardian is not bad enough? Opening its doors for children so young to swim around adults naked without parental supervision would be grooming and predatory.

The change rooms are also co-ed.

Q. Q. How do the changing rooms work?

A. All changing rooms are open to both men and women. Anyone can use the men’s changing room. The women’s changing room is for couples and single women.

The fact that the group brags about its participation in local pride events on Facebook is not surprising. The group said in a post, “Let’s standardize nudity with each other.” Recent comments on the group’s page on Facebook have been flooded with angry remarks blasting the group.

Section 174(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada states that being naked in a public area “without a lawful excuse” violates federal law. Nudity is also illegal on private property, if it’s visible to the general public. The law is rarely enforced by authorities.

Section 173(1) of the Code allows for a charge of indecent exposure if a person exposes his or her genitals to someone under 16. Indecent exposure is punishable by up to two years in prison. Nudity cases are usually punished with fines.

How does this group manage to get away with it?

We will do our best to expose groomers. But it’s a tough battle. Remember Big Tech is strongly opposed to the term “groomer.”