White House Alters Transcript to Cover for Kamala Harris’ Stupidity


Kamala Harris stated that the United States stood firmly behind the Ukrainian people at the NATO alliance’s winter meeting in Washington. This is despite the fact that Ukraine is not a NATO member. The act of standing firmly beside the Ukrainian people would not be an act of defense of NATO. And of all people, it should be known by the person pretending to represent the vice president of the United States. WhiteHouse.gov’s anonymous, helpful wonks who keep track of every word and deed from the clowns, puppets and freaks responsible for this period American misrule, knew they had to do something so that the American people would not be blindsided by how out of touch and ignorant our pretend vice president is. Voila! It now has her saying: “The United States stands firm with the Ukrainian people [and] defends the NATO Alliance.”

The “and” in brackets is a tacit admission by the White House gremlins that she didn’t actually say it. The correction reduces the obvious fact that the vice president is ignorant of basic public office requirements to a slip of the tongue. MAGA rubes, she meant to say “and” but didn’t. Have you ever seen something go wrong?

Perhaps that was all it was. The world has not been impressed by the knowledge and intelligence of the alleged vice-president. Harris was asked Friday about the recent rise in gas prices and historic inflation in the United States. Harris looked at President Klaus Iohannis of Romania before responding, to see if he could give a better explanation about the conditions in her country. Next: “In terms, uh., the discussions which the president Iohannis and I had. uh. They ranged in topic, including the Black Sea issue, and I’ll allow him to explain in greater detail as he wishes. But, again, we are fully aware and informed, because we are constantly in communication with the president and his administration here about their concerns about the entire region and, frankly, the vulnerability. You only need to look at the map.” Have you missed the section where Harris discussed inflation and skyrocketing gasoline prices? So did we all. Instead of addressing the unpleasantness, she simply changed the subject.

Harris might not be a smart person, but her woke quotient is high. She was listening to a NASA speaker on “climate adaptation strategies” in November 2021 when she interrupted him to ask “Can you, um, measure trees?” Perhaps trying to be funny, the fake vice president replied “Yes!” but Harris kept going.