The Top Three Reasons the Democrat Party Needs to Die a Quick and Brutal Death


You may be thinking “Only three reasons?” You might be thinking, “Only three reasons?”


Whitney Houston sang, “Children will be the future.” I find it disgusting that Democrats are trying to force-feed their “GENDER and SKIN COLOR ARE ALLTHING” narrative to children too young to understand that leprechauns don’t exist. As you and I rest in the good night, liberals are awake and plotting ways to brainwash your children, and maybe even recruit them into their LGBT cult.

Yes, I meant recruit. Things have changed. The trans crew has overtaken the LGBT mafia, and they are actively seeking recruits. Transgender scouts target young, insecure, and confused kids with problems at school or home. Lefty parents will indulge their children’s whims, even if they are as young as six years.

FACT-O-RAMA! My dad didn’t give me keys to his car as a teenager. He also wouldn’t give me fake boobs.

An ex-cult scout, a hot Asian woman who I know, said that her cult would send the woman to college campuses to find kids who are overweight, single, and “loserish.” This is exactly what the LGBT peeps have become.