Has Nancy Pelosi Been Drinking on the Job Again? It Sure Looks That Way…


The country is in the best of hands — Nancy Pelosi’s shaking hands at the commanding of what appears to have been a brain-impaired cocktail. It is enough to make it worse when a Blue Enclave pro tries to explain military or geopolitical events.

Pelosi’s passion for photography, although unrequited at times, means that she will publicly pontificate when the red light turns on, even though her BA is twice the legal limit.

There are no penalties for speaking in public while under the influence, especially not for Bay Area Democrats.

I have tried my best to translate Pelosi’s words. If you allow me to use “words”, I will describe Pelosi’s almost random collection of syllables or noises.

They know we won’t be able to go there. They know that we can’t go there.

Putin is totally reckless and uses weapons that aren’t allowed by the Geneva Connect– Convention.

Putin, who uh… [arm flapping in the wind] threatens chemical weapon use… um… nuclear and other chemical weapons.

They know we cannot, but they ask.

Pelosi would have been pulled off the stage if she had a good team.

But she doesn’t. But she continues.

No … no, no. He was less on the, the ask for the, um [long pause] this morning. But there’s also a school that believes that the anti-aircraft [pause right arm going nuts] missiles are an important part of the policy.

Do you not hate it when Putin and other thugs get less for their requests instead of more for us to do?

I thought I heard “moron salad.”

But there’s more.

When I see that, it’s me. [Seriously, what the heck is going on with her right arm?] These tanks are at 40 miles of tanks. [long pause]. I would like to eliminate those tanks. I think they might have more planes. However, I am not a strategist or military [mumble]

We hope we’ll be able, I ask you how, to reach a place [pause] where the MiGs can fly to Ukraine. If we have enough F-16s, they can fill in for Poland. [She turns and leaves under her own authority]

For myself, I hope to one day find a place that has excess.

Jack Posobiec, senior editor at Human Events, said that Putin chose this moment for invasion.

Tucker Carlson stated Tuesday night that “we need steady, wise leaders.” “But instead, Nancy Pelosi.”