What Are Early Voting Trends Telling Us?


The polls have been a love-hate affair for conservatives this election season. Although it’s true that this is always the case, the possibility of a red surge has made this year’s polling more interesting than other years.

Early voting data is showing encouraging signs for the GOP as the midterm elections get closer. While early voting data is not always a good indicator of what will happen, the trends that we are seeing this year are encouraging.

Erick Erickson spoke about the state play in the aftermath of the early voting period in certain states on Friday night. Erickson had spent the majority of the day talking to experts via phone, sharing trends with eager audiences. The trends that we have seen so far may be a comfort for conservatives.

The Peach State was the main focus of the evening’s announcements because he is from Georgia. The counties with the highest turnout were in GOP-friendly regions. This is a new phenomenon in Georgia for early voting, which Democrats prefer to do over voting on Election Day.

Erickson said that voting patterns can be compared to grocery shopping in Georgia. Erickson stated that just like shoppers shop at the same grocery stores, Democrats tend to vote earlier than Republicans. However, this year the pattern isn’t working out as expected.

So far, 26.7% have been black voters. This is lower than the usual black turnout of over 30%. According to polling, 33% will vote for Herschel, while the majority of black voters have been men. Erickson stated that Walker could win if early voting trends continue, and there will not be a runoff.

Stacey Abrams is out of the running for governor in terms of active campaigning. They can see the writing on Wall, even though her campaign staff isn’t.

Erickson declared, to loud applause, “We’ll finally get rid of Stacey Abrams.”

We can now shift the focus to other states. In Florida, early voting results show that Republicans are not ahead of Democrats. The GOP now leads.

The Republicans in Miami-Dade County are just 2,500 votes ahead of the Democrats in early voting. This contrasts with the time in 2020 when the GOP was behind by 20,000 early voters.

We also have good news from other states. Texas Democrats are not voting as early this year as they were in previous years. In Oregon, Republicans are on par with Democrats. North Carolina’s Democrats are leading by smaller margins in North Carolina than they were in 2018 and 2020, which includes college towns.

Conservatism should be encouraged. But don’t get complacent. Make sure you vote and encourage your friends and family to vote. This is possible.