Biden’s Diesel Fuel Crisis Worsens as Major Fuel Company Issues New Warning


We warned earlier this month about an imminent shortage in diesel fuel, which could lead to the collapse of the United States. It will be too late if the Biden administration doesn’t take the situation seriously.

Joe Biden, the President of the United States, is a confused man who can’t even make a coherent sentence. Except for keeping his staff informed, he has done nothing to address the crisis. They offer little support or comfort to the millions of Americans who will be affected by this administration’s total lack of concern.

Biden may be tempted to drive the car with his White House aides. This alert was issued by the U.S. Fuel Supplier.

Mansfield Energy stated that “conditions rapidly devolve” and that the market economy is constantly changing.

It continued:

Fuel prices are often higher than the average market price because of limited supply. However, this means they have only one or two loads of fuel to sell.

According to the statement, “Mansfield also transports the Southeast to Code Red.” “To ensure that fuel and freight are not expensive, we require 72 hours’ notice for deliveries. ”

South Carolina, Maryland, and Virginia are the most vulnerable states to suffer from the shortage. These states are important hubs for agriculture, trucking, and industry. The absence of diesel means that life is no longer the same.

These states also have to deal with harsh winters. These states are also subject to harsh winters.

While the fuel company didn’t seem to be involved in politics, it did mention “historically low diesel inventories” as part of its problem.

According to the company, “Poor pipeline shipping economies and historically low diesel inventories contribute to shortages across many markets in the Southeast.” These are not uncommon with Tennessee experiencing acute problems.

The majority of Americans know that this and other crises created by Biden’s watch are the results of dangerous and reckless decision-making by the administration. It was the inability of the Biden administration to tap America’s immense energy resources, banning fossil fuels and rerouting.

As we move into winter, here’s where the United States stands at the end of October under President Biden.

  • All industries are at risk of a shortage of diesel fuel.
  • Northeast: Heating oil shortages at home, rationing
  • Gas prices continue rising
  • The rate of inflation continues to rise at alarming rates with no signs that it will slow down
  • A new housing crisis is a result of record-low home sales
  • Record-breaking crime could increase as Americans struggle to obtain fuel and food.
  • A possible strike at the railroad could also result in economic havoc in America overnight

But, Biden wants us to believe everything is okay. No joke Jack!

This is DEFCON1 level bad, folks. These facts and plausible scenarios are enough to make one feel bad. But when they are combined, they can prove disastrous for all of you.

On Nov. 8, you have the opportunity to vote and help clean up this mess. Please make smart choices.