Joe Rogan Points to Democrats as Creator of Massive Red Wave


If no dark miracle occurs, it is very likely that the Republicans will win the 2022 midterm elections. Republicans just need to show up and vote.

It’s funny that this is all Democrats need to do. One problem is that Democrats are also showing up to vote in droves for Republicans. RedState has been consistently reporting on districts, voters and polls shifting steadily from red to blue, and it doesn’t seem like it’s slowing. As we approach election day, the red wave accelerates in speed and height.

Unfortunately, this is not always due to offensive Republican measures. While there are many politicians fighting for the cause, many Republicans are gaining momentum to not be part of the radicalized Democrat Party that holds up brain-damaged people as viable candidates.

Joe Rogan saw this and understood that the coming red wave is as much a Republican creation than a Democrat one. He couldn’t help but to compare it with the famous scene in the shining, where blood spills out of the elevator doors.

Rogan stated that the phenomenon was “creating Republicans”.

Bridget Phetasy was invited to tell a fascinating story about his Democrat-dedicated relatives who have switched to Republican.

Phetasy was asked, “How did you lose that person?”

Rogan is correct. To answer Phetasy’s question, there are many answers. You would need a book to give a comprehensive overview of how Democrats are actually handing Republicans 2022 midterms. I expect there will be many after all.

This year’s election is a great example of what to avoid in order to get people to support your cause. The Democrats’ inept economic management, indoctrination of other people’s kids, inability to care about growing crime, refusal of security at the border and many more are all signs of a deep-seated contempt for American values and the American people.

Democrats have effectively asked Americans to vote for them to be removed from office so that a stabilizing force can take over.

Rogan was right on the mark. Democrats are creating Republicans and, to this day no one is better at creating them.