What a Mess of an Address


Americans will understand why President Joe Biden is rated at 41% in the most recent Reuters poll after listening to the State of the Union speech.

Even though the Democratic Party has merged with the most biased media ever, Vice President Kamala Harris’ polls are even lower.

It was again reminded to the nation why only 37% want Biden to run again.

Only 25% of Americans think the country is heading in the right direction with his leadership.

What could a president tell a nation if he was to inherit a 1.4% inflation rate and then increase it to 7% when he takes office? How did Americans’ 2.7% 30-year mortgages soar to 6.5% within two years?

How can a president explain that eggs cost $7 per dozen or that a thin steak costs $15/lb or a sheet of plywood costs $95 to make?

How can a president explain to Americans how gas was $2.39 per gallon when he took office, and it remains $3.50 per gallon even after draining strategic petroleum reserves? Recently, gasoline prices have risen to $5 per gallon in many states.

Biden can explain how once-affordable, or even inexpensive natural gas tripled in price within a year.

What can a president have to say about the illegal entry of over 5 million foreign nationals into the United States in his first two years?

Biden could not explain Afghanistan’s humiliation. Our arsenal of key weapons was being drained. Or the inability of taking down a communist Chinese spy ball that flew above America, photographing military bases and missile sights as it traveled across the United States.

All these questions are answered by us.

Biden did Tuesday’s State of the Union address exactly what he does every day: misinform, ignore, and attack

Misinform. Biden claims that he has “lowered” the indices of inflation, energy, and interest rates that are still much higher than when he took office.

Biden boasts about a low unemployment rate. Biden doesn’t disclose the best indicator of labor participation that has fallen under his tenure or the fact that he inherited an economy that is naturally rebounding from a 2-year COVID lockdown.

Ignore me. Think about what he won’t mention. China has just violated international law as well as U.S. airspace. How could Beijing think they could do it so easily?

There is no southern boundary. Biden destroyed it. Biden destroyed it. He allowed over 5 million illegal aliens into the United States without any audit or legality. This is even though smuggled Mexican drugs kill 100k Americans every year.

He will never admit that he stopped the construction of the wall. He doesn’t mention that he has demonized border patrol officers. He destroyed the immigration laws that he had sworn to uphold.

Biden neglects the $4 trillion that he borrowed in two years to increase the national debt. It is now at over $32 trillion. The loss of hard-earned savings has cost the middle-class years of hard work. They have lost 20-30% of their retirement funds through their 401K plans.

However, Biden promised to borrow hundreds of billions more with no idea how to repay the $450 billion in national debt that will be serviced this year.

He forgot to mention how he destroyed U.S. diplomatic deterrence overseas after the most humiliating military experience in modern military history: the flight from Kabul, and the abandonment of billions of dollars worth of military equipment.

He doesn’t mention that Russia invaded Ukraine as Russian President Vladimir Putin saw no negative consequences after the debacle in Afghanistan. Biden’s inept remarks about not worrying about a Russia invading Ukraine even if it was “minor” likely played some role.

Attack! Remember that Biden is only alive when he ridicules his enemies and calls for unity and bipartisanship.

His voice only rises as his brow furrows and his face turns reddish. He says that the rich avoid paying their fair share, even though he knows that only one percent pays more than 40% of income taxes.

Biden somehow made the brutality of Black police officers against a Memphis Black victim into an example of America’s supposed racism. Biden denigrated all law enforcement, even though hate and violent crimes in inner cities soared like never before.

He was completely deceitful about the Republicans’ demand for Medicare and Social Security retirement.

He defeated the January 6 dead horse (while bizarrely linking it to the attack against Paul Pelosi! Despite the fact that he was a member of a stacked congressional investigative panel and the suppression of critical video evidence, and emails involving security breaches.

It was, in sum, the same old, same-old dishonest Biden: attack, misinform and ignore – then call for unity as the country falls into total ruin.