Second Republican Council Member Shot to Death in NJ


Just a week after Eunice Dwumfour, Sayreville Councilwoman was shot to death by a Republican council member, he was also shot to death.

Russell Heller (51), a member of the Milford Borough Council from 2020, was shot to death in Somerset’s parking lot at the PSE&G. He was working there.

Dwumfour was killed in her SUV, about 15 miles from her home.

These aren’t areas that are known for being home to people who have been shot or killed, and even if politicians were gunned down.

Police believe they have the identity of the shooter behind Heller’s death. Police believe Heller was shot by Gary Curtis who was also employed at the PSE&G. Curtis was found in his car with what appears to have been a self-inflicted injury, just a few hours after Heller’s body was discovered.

The two incidents have left many wondering about New Jersey. However, police do not believe that the crimes are linked and they do not believe they are related. Although they do believe that Heller was the intended victim in the incident, they are not sure what motivated the crime.

Heller is to the left and the suspect is to the right.

Gov. Phil Murphy sent “thoughts, prayers,” to Heller’s family and friends following the tragic act of gun violence.

US Rep. Tom Kean Jr. (R.N.J), who represents the area, stated that he was shocked and saddened at the “tragic murder” of a fellow Republican.

Kean tweeted, “Russell was a remarkable public servant who proudly represented his river town.” heard Henri Schepens, Milford Mayor, say that the Milford Borough Council was “deeply saddened by this loss and our hearts go to his family.”

The mayor stated that Heller was “so full of life, it is just unbelievable that he has gone”.

“This is the first time that something like this has ever happened in the history of our borough. This has shaken us greatly.”

PSE&G stated that they were “heartbroken” by Heller’s passing. Heller was a senior supervisor of distribution for them.