Michael Irvin Pulled From NFL Network And ESPN’s Super Bowl Coverage After Complaint From Woman


Following a complaint by a woman regarding alleged misconduct in a February 5th interaction between the two, Michael Irvin, NFL Hall of Famer, was removed from ESPN and NFL Network’s Super Bowl coverage.

According to The Dallas Morning News, Irvin claimed that the encounter was short and public. He also stated that it was non-physical and that they only had a handshake when they parted ways.

Irvin is an employee of NFL Media. He also contributes to ESPN. The situation and the allegations of the woman have not been addressed by either company.

Alex Riethmiller (Vice President of Communications at NFL Media) stated that Michael Irvin would not be part of the coverage of Super Bowl LVII week on NFL Network.

According to Irvin, the encounter took place after Irvin had dinner with Michael Brooks, former Dallas Cowboys safety. When he returned to his hotel, a conversation started between Brooks and a woman.

Irvin said, “Honestly, I’m quite baffled by it all.” This all happened in a 45 second conversation in the lobby. After I returned from my outing, I went into the lobby and spoke to someone. I spoke to this girl. I don’t know this girl and we spoke for 45 seconds.

“We shook our hands. Then, I left. That’s all I remember.”