Were Cops Instructed by FBI to Get Video of Idaho Suspect Bryan Kohberger’s Hands?


It was quite bizarre to see Bryan Kohberger stopped twice on his way from Idaho to Pennsylvania. Kohberger talked to two officers about driving too close to the police station and the “SWAT shootings” in Washington that took place that morning.

The suspect reported the shooting to the first officer. His father brought up the matter to the second officer. Stranger still, Kohberger was told by the second officer that he would not issue him a ticket as he had been warned.

This isn’t how I think it should work. It’s not a warning.

Bryan Kohberger is making his first traffic stop. He appears to be trying to change the conversation between his father and the officer. Kohberger looks confused and responds “Going to Thailand for Thai food” when asked about his plans. His father jumps in to inform the officer that the family is traveling from WSU. The younger Kohberger appears to be trying to change things.

Many people were left wondering about the legitimacy and authenticity of the stops. Fox News reported a theory that seems a lot more plausible than the official story.

Federal Bureau of Investigation surveillance units tracked Bryan Kohberger, a suspect in the Idaho quadruple murder. He was traveling with his father from Washington State to Pennsylvania. Fox News reported that they asked Indiana police permission to pull Kohberger under arrest.

Fox News was informed by a law enforcement source, that the FBI surveillance team wanted to see video of Kohberger’s hands and arms.

The gag order was placed upon lawyers and police involved in the case. The gag order prevents them from speaking to the media if Fox’s source is true.

If the source is correct, however, it’s a smart move by law enforcement.

The first video doesn’t show much of Kohberger’s hands because he was on the opposite side of the vehicle. Zooming in blurs Kohberger’s image.

The officer approached the Hyundai Elantra and could be heard saying, “You were just too close.” This indicates the offense of tailgating.

Before asking the officers if they had ever heard of planes, the officer stated that “I’m going to not give you another ticket or warning, nor ticket if you’ve already been stopped.” It was likely due to the long journey.

Kohberger doesn’t appear to have sustained any injuries, despite the video quality.

Kohberger was extradited and was then flown by internet sleuths to Idaho. Media and media followed his every move.

Kohberger arrived in Idaho Wednesday night and was taken to Latah County Jail. He was taken into custody.

Kohberger will attend a hearing on Thursday morning. His arrest warrant will then be made public.

According to the judge overseeing the hearing, cameras are not permitted inside the courtroom. Click the link to view it. Court insiders claim lawyers won’t have to go through security until 8:30 AM MST. Live streaming will begin at 10:30 AM ET.

Watch the court trial here.