Former Arizona Supreme Court Justice To Spearhead Inquiry Into Ballot Printer Debacle


Ruth McGregor, former Chief Justice of Arizona Supreme Court, will lead an investigation into a ballot printing error in Phoenix during the 2022 midterm elections.

McGregor will create a team of experts in order to determine why printers in the region managed to produce ballots in August’s state primaries without major defects, but struggled to produce some ballots for the general election “using similar settings”, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors announced on Friday.

“The Board of Supervisors is committed to continual improvement. We find the reason why things don’t work when they don’t. “Today we announce an important step in the efforts to find the root cause of printer issues that have affected some Vote Centres,” the board stated in a statement.

Incorrect printing caused ballots to be too light for some tabulators, which led to backups at the polling stations on general election night. Despite the problems with the ballots being printed, the county assured that all votes were counted and that everyone who waited in line to vote was allowed to do so.

According to the board, McGregor led an investigation into the doors of state prison cells in 2019. Republican Governor Jane Hull had appointed her to the highest court of the state. Jane Hull, 1998. She resigned in 2009.

“Maricopa County is grateful for Justice McGregor’s willingness and ability to serve this role.” “We look forward to her findings,” she added. “Our voters deserve nothing less.”

Maricopa County is home to 60% of Arizona’s voters. It has also been a hotbed of election denial due to past election snags. Kari Lake, a former Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate, has cited Maricopa County’s election woes as a reason for her failure to overturn Katie Hobbs’s loss. However, the courts have rejected her attempts.

The county strongly denied allegations of malfeasance and claims that it had altered the outcomes by its election oversight.