Whistleblower Exposes Coke’s Efforts to Paint Opponents of Sugary Drinks as Racists


Are you not a fan? Are you trying to reduce sugar in your diet? You want to avoid diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. You are a racist. Don’t be surprised. When you began reading this, you knew that you were racist. It was just that you didn’t realize how many ways it could be expressed. Your aversion to coke was not a microaggression. Now that you are aware, start chugging.

You probably aren’t racist and you have now closed the door to prove it by drinking gallons of high fructose corn syrup, and sugar caramel coloring. At the beginning of the century, anti-Coke was synonymous with anti-woke. Even though the term “woke” was not yet popular, it was a significant step towards waking up.

Calley Means was a former consultant to Coca-Cola. He also helped create True Medicine. Recently, he spoke on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” about his task of ensuring that sugary or sweetened products were not taxed and that food stamps could be used to cover soda. Opponents of this plan were called racists. Coke also paid the NAACP, and other similar organizations, to do the smearing. Here’s the interview

Below is Means’ Twitter thread on the issue.

Means also claims that the FDA funneled money into universities and conservative and liberal think tanks to prove that soda didn’t cause obesity. Means also claims that soda producers were “deeply embedded” in the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This led to the idea that there are no “bad foods” and only “bad diets.” In 2007, soda was included in the SNAP government nutrition program.

Funny thing is, I thought opposing anything that could lead to all of the above problems would make you non-racist. Coke says otherwise.

It doesn’t matter what you say, soda is not healthy. You can enjoy it, it tastes good, and you can even drink it. But to sell it as nutritious and pay civil rights groups for help moving it to low-income areas? It is hard to believe that the NAACP or other organizations didn’t see this as a danger for the people they claimed championed and told Coke to go pound the sand. Or sugar. We know why I believe. All checks passed.