We Can’t Trust the Media to Be Fair, So What Do We Do?


Conservatives will not be treated fairly by the media if they are one of their audience.

Piers Morgan’s interview on Wednesday with Donald Trump is an excellent example. Morgan tweeted a promo clip for his interview. After being challenged about his 2020 views, Trump stormed off the set. This was captured by the mainstream media quickly.

The Daily Beast headline said, “Trump Storms Out of Fiery Piers Morgan Chat When Pressed on Election Lies.” Rolling Stone reported Trump throwing a tantrum when Piers Morgan asked him about 2020 election lies.

It was revealed that Piers Morgan was dishonest. Trump stormed off the set after the discussion ended abruptly.

NBC News was able obtain an audio recording from the interview. The men acknowledged that the audio recording was provided by Trump’s spokesperson and showed them thanking one another and laughing at the end.

Interview audio tells a different story about the end. Morgan can be heard saying to Trump, “That’s an excellent interview.” Trump also agrees.

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Morgan may not have edited the promo, but he did write a column recounting the interview. Morgan said that “all hell broke loose after my fiery encounter with Trump over his stolen electoral rights.” ”

Trump wasn’t amused. Trump released an apology stating that Piers Morgan and the rest of Fake Media tried to illegally and misleadingly edit my lengthy and tedious interview. He wanted it to appear that I had left the interview when my 20-minute limit was overridden by one hour.

Trump stated, “The good news is? Our team taped the interview to ensure he was honest. Our team taped the interview to keep him honest.

This is similar to Charlie Gibson’s 2008 interview with Sarah Palin (then vice-presidential nominee). ABC News altered it to make Palin seem less knowledgeable and more hawkish. This has been a pattern for years and will continue.