Get a Load of Dr. Fauci’s Office in What May Be His Last CNN+ Interview


Kasie Hunt, CNN+’s streaming service host, teased Dr. Anthony Fauci in a hilarious interview just hours before the streaming service was cancelled after 22 days of operation.

The timing was not the only thing that made the Fauci announcement entertaining.

Hunt, host of “The Source with Kasie Hunt”, boasted a massive interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci. He is the man who brought the world Covid.

Hunt shared his excitement on Twitter: “Today, #TheSourceKasie, I spoke to Dr. Anthony Fauci regarding the mask court decision and vaccines for young kids. It’s a strange feeling to be a hero and a villain. We hope you will watch @CNNplus.

The response to her announcement was amusing, to put it mildly.

David Freiheit, a Canadian lawyer and YouTuber, asked Hunt: “Wow. How did it feel to look directly at science?”. This was a reference to Fauci, the humble and retiring Fauci, who claimed to be science.

After he had complained about the elimination of public transportation mask mandates, there was concern that Dr. Fauci would not wear a mask.

Fauci, who is wearing a pair of skinny jeans, a coat, and tie in his office, has a common Beltway condition.

Me-itis is when a person has been granted authority by the government and can use the budget of a small country to buy viruses from far-flung laboratories.

It can overtake people so completely that it manifests externally.

It can be caused by believing in one’s media releases, newspaper clippings and the encomiums from people who want touch your lab coat. It can be dangerous. It can lead to people who believe they are above their circumstances and accountable to no one, even those who pay their salaries.

The ailment could turn into Long-Meitis and then things can get worse. The superego is overtaken by the illness and the superego then travels from the brain to spread the disease into the surrounding environment. Me-itis manifests as walls filled with photos of celebrities, politicians, honorary degrees and bobblehead dolls about… you.

These ailments don’t usually affect people older than 60, but there are exceptions-Dr. Fauci is one.