Biden and the CDC Just Proved Masking Is About Control, Not Public Health


Drunk on its own power, the CDC has requested that the Department of Justice appeal U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle’s ruling that the public transportation mask mandate is unconstitutional.

“CDC has requested DOJ to appeal Health Freedom Defense Fund, Inc., et. al., v. Biden, et. al., in order to protect CDC’s public health authority beyond last week’s ongoing assessment,” the agency stated in a statement. “CDC continues to assess that masking in the indoor transportation corridor is necessary for public health.

That’s right! They appealed the decision to preserve the authority of the CDC. They are furious at losing control over 331 million Americans’ lives and won’t give up.

The statement said that the CDC would continue to monitor public conditions for signs of a need to issue an order. “CDC believes that this is a legal order and well within CDC’s legal authority to protect the public’s health.”

Translation: The mandate ends when WE tell it to. These rules are for peasants.

Judge Mizelle stated in her ruling that the CDC masking orders “exceeded CDC’s statutory power, improperly invoked good cause exceptions to notice and comment rulemaking and failed to adequately explicate its decisions.” Accordingly, the Court declares the Mask Mandate illegal and vacates it.

The Biden administration quickly announced, upon Monday’s decision, that the TSA would not enforce the mandate.