Washington DC Named As Loneliest City In The US, New Study Finds


According to a new study, Fontana, California is the most lonely city in the United States.

A new study that examined Census Bureau data from 170 American cities found that nearly half of Washington D.C.’s 319,565 households had just one occupant. Chamber of Commerce published the study and found that loneliness was determined by how many households had only one occupant.

A study revealed that over one in ten Americans live alone. The loneliness rate in Washington D.C. has increased six percent over the last six years. Other top five lonely cities include St. Louis and Alexandria, Virginia, and Cincinnati, Ohio.

St. Louis’s population grew despite the drop in loneliness of 3,000 households between 2021-2022.

The census bureau also ranked Washington D.C. as the top “work from home” destination. 40 percent of D.C.’s population works remotely.

Further breakdown of the study revealed Fort Lauderdale, Florida, was the most lonely city for men. Nearly 25% of men live alone, compared to 16.1% among women. Richmond, Virginia is the most isolated city for women. 28% of women live alone in this city, compared to 18% for men.

The least lonely cities are at the opposite end of the scale. California is home to nine of the ten most lonely cities. Fontana and Oxnard are at the top of this list, as is Moreno Valley, Elk Grove, and Fontana. High housing costs could be a factor in low loneliness ratings, as roommates will bring down the cost of living. According to the Daily Mail, California’s rent is third in the country after New York and Hawaii.

According to a TimeOut survey, the most lonely cities worldwide in 2022 were Stockholm, Sweden, Copenhagen, Denmark and Sydney, Australia.