WaPo Sheepishly Admits the FBI Found No Nuclear Secrets, or Anything Else, in Mar-a-Lago Raid


Nothing is more fun than watching Punchinellos, leftists, snort over the latest “We have Trump NOW!” hijinks.

Do you remember when the FBI raided Trump’s house supposedly seeking “nuclear secrets” a few months ago? You can guess what happened next.

Let the Quislings at Washinton Post explain it to me:

According to sources familiar with the matter, federal agents and prosecutors believe that former president Donald Trump was motivated by his ego and the desire to keep the classified documents as trophies and mementos.

Trump, in other words, was just keeping souvenirs as everyone else does.

It’s funny how WaPo continued to ignore this story until after the midterms.

But there’s more!

These people stated that the review did not find any business benefit from Trump’s access to classified information. They said that FBI interviews with witnesses have not revealed any attempt by Trump to sell, leverage, or use government secrets. These people stated that the former president was motivated by a basic desire to keep his property, rather than a more sinister motive.

The FBI did not find any codes for nuclear bombs, and they found no evidence that Trump wanted to “leverage or sell the government secrets.”

Trump was not selling nuclear secrets on Craigslist. Who knew? Everyone. That includes most likely the FBI and the Department of Justice.

It was obvious that WaPo could not just admit that Trump had nuclear secrets for sale, but also that it was another weak member of the “get Trump” orgy. They tried to throw the idea in at the end, but they might have something more:

People familiar with the matter warned that the investigation was ongoing and that no final conclusions have been made. It is possible that additional information could be discovered that alters investigators’ understanding of Trump’s motivations. They said that the primary reason for Trump’s possible criminal conduct is his ego and intransigence.

Some liberals haven’t yet gotten the message, or they may be blatantly lying.

The lie that Trump is selling nuclear secrets is now over. He retained a few tchotchkes during his four years as the greatest president of recent history. He had the nerve!

This article should be sent to your liberal sister-in-law, and her blue-haired trans-pansexual, gelding woman-boyfriend, who were unable to accept the shameful lie that Trump was trying to sell nuclear missiles to the Kaiser.