Sen. Rand Paul Grills FBI Director Over Collusion With Facebook


Rand Paul, Republican of Kentucky, questioned Christopher Wray, FBI director, Thursday about alleged collusion with Facebook. The senator was “alarmed”

Paul said to Wray that while you may think it’s a good idea to obtain all the information without the consent of people, many of us are concerned that you are getting private communications between people’s data. This is illegal and against the law during a hearing at the Senate Homeland Security Committee. It is against the law for Facebook or other social media companies to give it. It’s against the law to give it to you.

According to whistleblowers speaking to the New York Post, Facebook allegedly monitored private communications of individuals who were questioning the results of the 2020 presidential elections and provided information to the FBI. November 4th, a 1,000-page report was released by Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee detailing allegations of misconduct at the agency. (RELATED – FBI Agent Who Censor Hunter Biden Story is Shaping Biden Administration’s Response to ‘Misinformation.’

Critics also point out that the agency allegedly pushed Facebook to suppress “misinformation,” including an Oct 2020 New York Post report about a laptop left behind by Hunter Biden.

Paul asked Wray if he was taking information from warrant processes and then using it as a predicate to getting a warrant to get that information?

Paul was told by Wray that the FBI had received tips regarding foreign accounts. He cited Russia’s intelligence service as an example and threatened with violence.

Paul stated, “The question is — when do we start to talk political speech?”

Paul said, “What ‘The New York Post article’ stated was that you are receiving this.” “And then, when they’re finally viewed in context — and this is coming from a whistleblower which makes us suspect that you’re not being forthcoming and honest with us — whistleblowers claim that you are receiving this information via Facebook and other sources, and that you then go around the Constitution to try and get warrants for it. It’s clear that there hasn’t been any actionable intelligence. This is an active program you have. If you work for the government, we should ask you if you have a program that follows our speech.

Democratic Michigan Senator Gary Peters, chairman of the committee cut off Paul just as he was about to finish.

Wray stated, “We investigate violence and not speech.”