Canada’s Trudeau Gets Publicly Clown-Slapped by Commie Master Xi Jinping


Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was verbally spanked by Xi Jinping, China’s commie dictator, at the G20 Summit.

Watch Xi scold Trudeau for leaking their private conversations to the Canadian media. You can see their body language. Xi looks pissed. Trudeau looks like a cuck.

Xi refuses not to look Trudeau directly in the eyes, as the Canadian tries his defense by saying, “In Canada, we believe in open and free dialogue. And that is what will continue to happen.” While we will continue to seek to work constructively together there will always be points where we disagree.

Xi’s expression suggests that he is disgusted by Trudeau, as he walks off. Trudeau hides behind the scenes, allowing him to dry his tears and lick his wounds.

Trudeau has been known to enjoy Xi’s bolshie bahookie. Trudeau once declared his loyalty to the new world order, saying, “There’s a level I actually have for China’s basic dictatorship that allows them to turn their economy around on their dime. We need to invest in solar.”

The conversation Xi refers to allegedly concerned China interfering with Canadian elections. However, Trudeau appears to have benefited from the meddling.

It is unknown if Trudeau brought up illegal Chinese police stations in Toronto.

Around 54 illegal police stations are located in 30 countries operated by the Chinese communists.

Considering all this, Biden hasn’t mentioned the illegal Chinese police station located in New York City.

Trudeau’s decision to make his pinko master unhappy at the G20 summit is a shame, especially after Joe Biden started the celebrations by cowardly walking around Asia in commie Mao jackets.