Biden & Democrats Let Them Eat Cake Moment In Face Of Exploding Gas Prices


Social media supporters are desperately trying to cover up Joe Biden’s terrible energy policies that are causing gas prices of near $7.00 per gallon, but Democrats in his administration are doing exactly the opposite. They’re finally telling the truth.

They know that high prices are a design feature and don’t care about your family or job.

It is a terrible timing. Because the political science is changing and Leftist politicians are suffering in public opinion polls, Democrat authoritarians began to remove mandates and lockdowns. These autocrats have now imposed another type of lockdown. They are making gas so expensive that you won’t have the money to travel anywhere else.

RNC Research by the Republican Party highlighted three key Democrats who were ranting about energy policy. They said the quiet part loudly, as the saying goes. Before the Russian invasion in Ukraine.

Remember how Joe Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm giggled when she was asked about gas prices hovering around $2.89?

She’s not hiding behind the argument that “energy is global market”. Although she knows that the U.S. could increase its production tomorrow to lower prices, she doesn’t intend to and isn’t suggesting this. Granholm was also asked about rising gas prices in November by television viewers. Granholm said that they are looking at “every tool” to bring down prices, but she wasn’t referring to it. We know this because she said they are working through an energy transition. This is a transition.”

According to the old saying, “you can’t make omelet without breaking some eggs.” They will still be able take private jets to Davos or Aspen, and other parts in between, to “people’s business.” They are the people.

She’s not the only one.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was born in 1981 when gas was only 18 cents per gallon. She declared that she is opposed to Russian energy imports on Thursday. Pelosi supports cutting off Russian energy imports and maintaining the Biden Administration’s policy of stopping drilling on public lands, even though Biden has increased Russian energy imports significantly. This has resulted in a decrease in supply and an increase of prices for all things: meat, produce, and bread.

Nancy’s response is to say, “Let them have cake!”

Lisa Murkowski, a Senator from Alaska, supports it as well. Alaskans pay the lowest taxes on gas in America.

She believes the pain will be worth it. Putin “has used energy to his advantage and we fear that he will use it against us.” He did it. This will not be an easy task for either the United States or Europe.

You’re correct, she’s right. But don’t wonder why no one in Biden’s Administration did the math before cutting off domestic supplies, and increasing supplies from Vladimir Putin to make Green New Deal a political talking point?

Mayor Pete is the result. Mayor Pete is the transportation secretary. His experience with transportation is limited to riding in a South Bend streetcar. He told MSNBC that Iran fuel is available for purchase.

One wonders if Tony Blinken might send Iran shrink-wrapped greenbacks in order to purchase the Mullahs once again.