Walk Away Activist Brandon Straka Can Finally Speak About Being Under the FBI’s Thumb After Jan 6


Brandon Straka’s first message to the outside world was a year ago. He wrote, “I hardly know how to start.” “An FBI swat squad came into my house at dawn on January 25, 2021 and placed me in handcuffs. They then put me in a cell where I remained for several days.” What was the crime? The crime? Being at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Straka was there in D.C. to deliver a speech for Trump. After President Trump’s speech, Straka went to the Capitol Building, but not inside. It was a “year-long nightmare” that turned into a “year-long nightmare.” He suffered from “the abuse of the legal system” and a “savage attack to destroy me”. It didn’t.

The feds charged the hairdresser-turned-activist with impeding law enforcement during civil disorder, knowingly entering and remaining on restricted grounds, and disorderly conduct for his actions a year ago. One guilty plea was entered for the fact that they were in a restricted area of the Capitol Building.

Nearly four decades ago, Straka created his highly-respected effort to encourage people “walk away” form his political party, The Democrats.

It was hugely successful.

Straka claims that although he regrets January 6, he didn’t know there would be violence and riots on the Capitol Building’s west side. He claims he was on east side, which is the peaceful, but they still threw the book at me.

Federal lawyers claim Straka recorded video that showed he encouraged law-breaking on that day. He was not charged with this. Straka claims that he was told to remain silent or face additional charges.

Lawyers from the Department of Justice leaked information that Straka had given them. This was then turned into “news” stories about Straka’s status as an informant. Straka claims that this is nonsense. Straka said that he has never heard of “ANY INFORMATION OF ANY KIND” about criminal wrongdoing by any MAGA member in the past three-and-a half years of his involvement in politics.

Dinesh Dauza claims Straka proved to the feds that it wasn’t him who grabbed the shield from the Capitol Police officer. He pointed out the video that proved it wasn’t him. D’Souza says that he did not sell out to the conservative movement.

Straka was sentenced to three years probation, three month house arrest and a $5,000 fine. He also admitted that he knew at the time that he entered the U.S. Capitol Grounds, that he didn’t have permission to do so…to disrupt, impede or disturb the orderly conduct a session.

Straka made a statement via social media Wednesday afternoon, stating that he had been allowed to speak again. He is currently on Gettr and Rumble and plans for his exit from Leftist social media. They began censoring Straka before January 6, 2021.

Mail Chimp, Constant Contact and Facebook cancelled his Walk Away campaign.