Biden’s Pittsburgh Speech a Gafftastic Success


If Joe Biden’s speeches were judged by how many, frequent, and ridiculously stupid they were, then the speech from Pittsburgh would be a top-rated one.

Joe Biden visited Pittsburgh shortly after the Forbes Avenue Bridge collapsed — a major crossing over the Allegheny River — in order to discuss infrastructure. It was strange that the bridge’s collapse occurred at such a suspicious time. Perhaps White House aides had slipped into Pittsburgh on the previous day, causing the bridge to collapse. This would make Biden seem like a prophet.

Anything is possible, given the president’s polls results.

Nick Arama, Red State’s correspondent, documented several hilariously inexplicable gaffes made by Biden during his speech. Biden seems to have difficulty remembering his names, something I can understand as I’m a doddering old fool who is losing my mind.

Perhaps one reason they aren’t willing to meet Biden, or invite him to assist with their campaigns is that he may not be able remember their names and what their positions are.

Biden misunderstood Conor Lamb (D.PA) when he was referring to him being a senator.

Biden then spoke about Mitch Landrieu, the former mayor of New Orleans and infrastructure czar. Biden couldn’t remember his name so he called him “Mayor for Louisiana.”

Is there anything creepier than when Biden does than lean-forward-into-the-mic-and-whisper thing?

It’s very strange.

Joe Biden may have taken economics classes as a freshman at college 60 years ago. Although he thinks he has some knowledge about economics, he is not able to show that his pet cat Midnight knows much more about it than he. He utters the bizarre notion that inflation is caused primarily by higher vehicle prices.

Huh? It’s like saying that high costs lead to high costs. Is he misunderstanding what inflation is?

Biden meant to state that one-third the rise in inflation was due to the price of used cars. This is a meaningless statistic which shows that his speechwriters don’t know as much about economics.

It’s the question of the insulin cost that he loses it. Uncontrolled anger is often a sign of dementia.

Unfortunately, Mr. Arama is right. The left loves to let their politicians emote and throw tantrums when they don’t get their way. Biden must be conscious of this in some distant part of his brain, and occasionally he will let loose with an entirely unrelated, incoherent rant.

Biden is now back at the White House, where he was able to have a warm glass milk and tell his bedtime story. The nation and the entire world are exploding and the president is unable or unwilling to stop it.