Biden’s DOJ Thinks BLM Criminals Deserve Lesser Sentences


A BLM rioter was sentenced earlier this month to 10 years in federal prison for setting fire to a Pawn Shop during the Floyd Riots two years ago.

However, sentencing guidelines recommended that the sentence be nearly twice as long. Joe Biden’s Justice Department recommended that a sentence be reduced because Montez Terriel Jr., a rioter from Rochester, New York, had committed his crime under the banner of Black Lives Matter.

A memo from the U.S. attorney’s office for the District of Minnesota states that Lee “committed an offense that cost a man his lives,” but his motives for the crime warranted a lower sentence.

“Mr. “Mr. “Mr. Lee claims that he was protesting police violence against black men. This statement is credible,” the memo states. “Mr. Lee acknowledges that he could have shown in a different manner, but that he was caught up in the fury and anger of the mob having lived as a black man witnessing his peers suffer at their hands. ‘”

The memo states that “many other people in Minnesota were similarly caught-up,” as anyone who has been following the news worldwide knows. There were many people who, in those days, seemed to only have wanted to profit from chaos and disorder for their own personal gain or violence. Many people felt frustrated, angry, and disenfranchised and tried to express their feelings in dangerous and reckless ways. This is what Mr. Lee seems to have been.

The U.S. attorney’s office asked Lee to receive 144 months of Lee’s recommended 235-240 month sentence. Lee was sentenced to 120 months by the Obama-nominated Judge Wilhelmina Wright.