Vivek Ramaswamy Blasts Van Jones: “Demagogue” Label Sparks Fiery Exchange


What is so absurd about Democrats always vilifying Republican presidential candidates and comparing them to Hitler or evil?

It is not good when someone tries to use that tactic against Sen. Mitt Mitt Romney (R – UT) in his run for the presidency. Few people are as middle-of-the-road as Romney. Even he was painted as the evil Bain Capital man, a dog abused, and he wanted to see people die of cancer by Democrats. Let’s not forget that Joe Biden said Romney would “Put you back in chains”. Biden has made many racist and divisive comments. It’s a ridiculously stupid thing, but propaganda is all it’s about.

Vivek Ramaswamy brought up this stupidity at Turning Point AmFest. The crowd roared when he referred to what CNN’s Van Jones said about him. Jones referred to Vivek Ramaswamy’s rise as “the rise of an American demagogue” after the RNC Presidential debate held earlier this month. He said that he was “shaking”. Vivek was not having it.

He said:

Van Jones, the character on CNN, said, “This is the rise of an American demagogue that’s going to live 50 years more than Trump.” He says, ‘This is dangerous, I’m shaking.’

He continued to roar from the approval of the audience:

Just shut up. Van Jones, CNN, you have to shut up at some point. We’re done.

The people loved it because they were tired of Democrats pushing this demonizing nonsense. Joe Biden is the most prominent, as he demonizes not only candidates but also millions of Americans. It’s time to call this tactic out for what it is: propaganda.

Ramaswamy showed he wasn’t afraid to take on CNN by exposing the tactics of a CNN moderator regarding Jan. 6,

Jones’s opinion on the matter is well worth considering that he believes that Biden would be “on Mount Rushmore” if he retired right now.

The Democrats are also the ones who are demagogues. They want to control social media, they try to suppress anything that could hurt their candidate, like the Hunter Biden Laptop, and they ignore laws that don’t suit them (Biden, student loans) and are currently prosecuting the main political opponent. It is a disgrace that Democrats call anyone a demagogue.

It’s unlikely Jones will follow Ramaswamy’s advice.