TSA Policy Change: Arrest Warrants Now Considered Valid ID for Illegal Immigrants


This was something I would have never expected. The TSA is now accepting arrest warrants for legal identification.

Fox News spoke to a TSA representative:

TSA will accept DHS Forms for foreign nationals and non-U.S. Citizens who do not have acceptable forms to present at the security checkpoints. These include ICE form I200 (Warrant for Arrest of an Alien )…All travelers whose identities are confirmed by alternative procedures receive additional screening before entering the secure airport area.

This is not a criminal arrest warrant, but a civil one. It is a civil arrest warrant for immigration, not criminal. “We’ll see if a conservative can get through the TSA without a “warrant”. This would be a bad thing.

It used to be that a warrant for arrest meant you would be arrested. Now, it’s called an “arrest order”. Southwest Airlines said, “You can move around the country now.”

It’s always the inevitable punchline. This policy dates back to the Biden administration. Fox reported that the issue became real after a Texas Republican Lance Gooden got a package of information from a whistleblower. The package included “flight information, copies of Customs and Border Protection’s Notice to Appear and a list of pro bono legal service providers, maps and information and legal assistance in Spanish. The TSA can accept a letter allowing the bearer to board a flight with “limited credentials”.

The conservatives who have lost faith in the GOP are a result of this.

I am a fan of the TSA and have been through many checkpoints with ease.

Is it acceptable to use this ID for voting under the current administration? This must be the most reliable form of identification to vote.