Newsom Marks Milestone Amidst Whispers of White House Dreams


California Governor Gavin Newsom has been positioning himself as a viable alternative, traveling across the country and the world to troll red state governors (including debating one of them) and generally doing things that one would expect from a candidate for president. Gavin Newsom is positioning himself as an alternative to Joe Biden by traveling around the world and trolling red-state governors, including debating with one of them.

Newsom, however, has not declared and will not do so, instead deferring to Biden, and insisting that he is all-in for the Biden vs. Harris 2024 campaign despite his every move suggesting the contrary.

Homelessness is one of California’s biggest problems, and Newsom has acknowledged it on occasion. However, he continues to portray himself as the backup plan by touting his supposed achievements in the Golden State. Newsom has acknowledged the problem on several occasions, but he has blamed Republicans in a laughable way for the worsening situation under Democrats who are supposed to be solutions-based.

This month marks the 20th anniversary of Newsom’s 10-year commitment to end homelessness. He made this pledge as Mayor of San Francisco in March 2003.

Newsom, who was elected mayor of San Francisco in 2003, said that he would “aggressively”, make ending homelessness his top priority.

SFGate reported that the plan included a 10-year strategy for ending chronic homelessness, with federal funding of “tens” of millions of dollars to create 550 units of “supportive housing” for the homeless who were in trouble.

In December this year, the strategy announced in 1992 will be 20 years old. San Francisco and the rest of California are far from solving this problem.

The growing number of homeless people in California has become an important issue for the state’s political debate.

It was so central that Newsom, and San Francisco’s Mayor London Breed, took a lot of heat from the liberal media in the state when they rushed to clean San Fran’s street and hide the increasing homeless population in November, ahead of the important APEC meeting, where Biden, and China’s president Xi Jinping, held a high-stakes meeting.

Newsom admitted, shockingly, that the extra expense and effort the city spent to spruce up the roads and sidewalks – something you don’t see very often unless an important person is visiting – was deliberate:

“We’re cleaning this state up!” California Governor Gavin Newsom praised Clean California. He was speaking at the San Francisco unveiling of an urban tree nursery.

“I know people say, ‘Oh, they’re cleaning this place up because all these fancy leaders are coming to town,” Newsom said, “while it is true, we have been talking for months before APEC.”

New statistics about homelessness in California are a sobering reminder that Democrats like Newsom can be bad news.

California’s homeless population increased by 5.8 percent this year to 181,399 people. The latest federal count shows that California’s homeless population has increased by 5.8 percent to 181,399 this year.

California has 181,399 homeless people. Nearly 70 percent of them sleep outdoors. This is the highest rate among all states, even those with milder climates like Hawaii, Arizona, and Nevada. According to a report released by the Department of Housing and Urban Development on Friday, California has more than 123,000 people who are homeless at any given time.

Let’s see. Biden has been president of the United States for three years, while Newsom, who is governor of California, has held that position for four years. The state legislature in California is overwhelmingly Democratic. It’s hard to know who he is going to blame for the next homeless crisis, but he will certainly find a way of involving former POTUS Donald Trump or Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in part of his answer in some way.

Facts don’t care what you feel, as the saying goes. In this case, California’s homeless problem is no different. The facts do not care what Gov. Brown feels. Hair Gel has feelings.