VICE Documentary Producer Tries to Sympathize With Sex Offender


VICE, a left-leaning basic-cable network, produced a documentary to show how poor convicted sex offenders are trying to reintegrate into the peaceful society that they have broken. The trailer is below:

Leftists love “certain” sex offenders. A 14-year-old boy named “trans” raped a girl in Loudoun County, Va. School board provided protection. Alvin Bragg, New York City’s District attorney, sentenced a man to a 30-day term for raping a teenager relative. Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson has a history in which he gives lenient sentences to sex offenders. This includes those who have brutally abused children. Please tell me how the Democrats support women.

One scene features Asheef, a seemingly determined sex offender. He is eager to turn his life around and become a productive member of society.

“Like we all out there in this world and we all have to make it happen and there ain’t anything stopping us so like, I am very hopeful and confident,” the apparently reformed sex fiend declares in the video below.

Enjoy the short scene now!

He did what? That didn’t take long. Asheef seemed so determined to reform himself and be a better person.

Roughly 67% of released sex offenders will be re-arrested within nine years for committing one crime or another. Men who sexually assault boys have the highest recidivism rate of any other sex offender.

But wait: there’s more! VICE went on camera to discuss Asheef’s “eggplant emoji” pic transgression.

This seemed to be an important fact about Asheef who is complex. This is part of his complexity,” said the correspondent.

One study found that the majority of men who send d*ck photos are narcissists.

When were sexual predators considered “complex”? What exactly is the “complexity” in convicted sex offenders sending an unrequested picture of his crank to TV production to gain sympathy?

Maybe some sex offenders don’t deserve sympathy or the chance to return to society. Thanks to VICE for proving that point.