A Mother Was Shot and Killed in Her Apartment, Her 2-Year-Old Daughter Was Left With Her Body for 3 Days


After her mother was shot and killed, a 2-year-old girl was found unattached in Kentucky. Police said that she had been living in the apartment for three consecutive days.

Michelle Stone, her mother, found Kierra Stone-Gonzalez, 23, in her apartment after she hadn’t heard from her for several days.

Stone told WAVE-TV, “It’s difficult because her sister is with me.” We walked in on her. The one blessing I took away from this was the fact that my granddaughter wasn’t killed.”

She claimed that her daughter was shot in the head.

Stone claimed that Stone had a strange feeling that the child appeared to have been taken care of during her time alone with her mother. Stone said that her granddaughter was well-fed and clean.

Stone asked, “How could you care for my granddaughter and not call the police when you’d seen that the mother was dead?”

The Jefferson County Coroner concluded that Stone-Gonzalez’s death was caused by foul play.

Stone claimed that Stone’s daughter had just moved from Kentucky to Louisville, a few weeks prior to her death. Stone believes her daughter was targeted but doesn’t know why.

Stone stated, “Her smile was infectious and her heart was pure gold.” “That’s how I want Kierra to be remembered. She was a kind person with a great heart, and she certainly didn’t deserve the things that happened to her.”

The homicide rate in Louisville has increased each year since 2019, and it is expected to continue into 2022. Chief Erika Shields, Louisville Metro Police Department, said that the city was in a crisis and blamed “the guns issue”.

Here’s a local report on the incident