Under Biden’s Command, U.S. Military Rated as Weak for the First Time in 9 Years


Since the election of President Joe Biden, the United States has been experiencing a decline. This should alarm Americans.

But that’s not all. A shocking report by the Heritage Foundation ranked America’s military as “weak” only for the second time.

This report, called the “Executive Summary of the 2023 Indice Of U.S. Military Strength”, evaluates the U.S. military’s readiness, capabilities, and ability to respond in new situations that require U.S. intervention.

The Heritage Foundation’s Index of U.S. Military Strength assesses the U.S. military’s ability to carry out its mission in the world today using a consistent and standardized set of criteria every year. Before the report begins, Biden examines how dire the current situation is.

This is an excerpt of the report (emphasis added):

The U.S. Military, as it stands today, is increasingly in danger of not being able to meet the requirements of defending America’s vital national interests. This result is the result of years of underfunding and poorly-defined priorities. Poor program execution.

This is because a country like China, Russia, or Iran would make a move while Biden is commander in chief, the weakest U.S. president in modern history.

America’s wish to see the world as safer and more peaceful is not a reality. History has demonstrated that there are many competing powers and that the U.S. must have the ability to defend its interests in multiple areas at once.

The report also assessed individual military branches, with disappointing results. The U.S. Marine Corps was the only exception.

Important to remember that “weak” doesn’t refer to individual soldiers or women in the ranks of U.S. military branches. It is a sign of overall readiness, which is Biden’s responsibility and the responsibility of his top Pentagon brass.

The Washington Examiner:

The Air Force was the last on the list. The Air Force received an overall rating of “very weak” because of difficulties in pilot production and retention. “The Army was rated marginal. ”

The Heritage Foundation’s report is alarming but not surprising. The Pentagon of Vice President Joe Biden appears to have put more emphasis on teaching troops proper pronoun use than training them and preparing for the inevitable next war. This is a sign of overall readiness.

John Cooper, Heritage Foundation spokesperson, tweeted: “The military has been at its weakest since years under Joe Biden. ”

Worse, Biden’s top military officers and top Pentagon officials don’t seem concerned about the U.S. military’s current situation. The Biden administration didn’t care and nobody was held accountable for this tragedy.

Trump’s former president made America’s military respected and feared. We didn’t face the same threats as we do now under Biden. Biden’s military readiness and capabilities for response are now stronger than ever.

At a time when our military is in need of top-notch readiness and preparation, President Applesauce Brain is in charge. I’m sure that our adversaries also know this.