Doocy Hits WH With Truth on Inflation, Leaves Them a Babbling Mess


It is possible that Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary, may be one of those people looking for a new job after the midterms. She’s not great at her job, let’s be honest. While some people may be terrible at their jobs, others are skilled at hiding it or making it sound smooth. She is just bad at concealing it.

Jean-Pierre was in trouble Tuesday when Fox’s Peter Doocy presented her with some truth that shatter the misinformation she was trying sell.

Doocy asked Joe Biden what his top domestic priority was — inflation or abortion?

Jean-Pierre avoided the question by saying that they were both priorities; inflation was his number-one “economic priority”. She had to add “economic” to make it clear.

Doocy slaps her for that.

KJP replied that he had made the economy his number one priority and was working to improve it every day.

She claimed that the American Rescue Plan “helped us get back on our feet.” But, under President Donald Trump, we were already getting on our feet. That Plan helped to spark the inflation we are all currently experiencing, but they won’t admit it.

She claims that no Republicans voted in favor of it. That’s a great thing. Thanks for pointing out that they were not responsible for the terrible result. They didn’t create 10 million jobs — it’s just disingenuous to keep claiming that, when in reality it was only people returning from work following the pandemic. She continues to boast about how she spends more, or “invest,” as she absurdly described it, as though this is a good thing during the worst inflation in 40-years. They refuse to accept reality and continue doing the same things that created the problem.

Biden claims he is working on it every day. None of the Acts does anything to reduce inflation. In fact, they make things worse. If Biden continues to work on it daily, and it is still in such a terrible condition, it is a sign that he should quit. He doesn’t know what’s going on and has failed.

Doocy was ablaze Tuesday. Next, he went after the claim about “working everyday,” but Biden denies this reality and insists that the economy is “strong like hell”.

My only complaint is that we are already experiencing recession as we have previously reported. Do not let the Biden team ignore reality and try to make it seem better before the midterms.

Her response? It’s a lot of bull hockey. She just tries to put Biden’s words into a new context, removing the notion of being in transition and adding equity.

The bottom line is that they are failing to address the real problems, which means everyone is suffering, especially the middle and working class for whom it is claimed that they are working. This is the “equity,” they really are delivering.

Doocy finally asks about Biden’s draining of our oil reserves. KJP’s response? Blame the oil companies and not the Biden attack or the WH’s restrictions of American energy.

They will drain our reserves and beg dictators to oppress people rather than let loose our production.

They only care about winning the election. They are not interested in solving the problems and making the economy a priority.