‘Ultra Right’ Beer Takes Aim at Bud Light in Hilarious Ad


Ultra Right Beer, first of all, is a thing. The beer was launched in April as a response to Bud Light’s historically bad marketing deal with TikTok Influencer Dylan Mulvaney. Mulvaney is a 26-year-old man who pretends to be a teenager while raking in money in the process.

Seth Weathers is the CEO of Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer and the former campaign manager of Donald Trump for Georgia. He has cashed in the Bud Light debacle, which shows no signs of slowing.

Weathers stars in the latest ad, shared with Fox Business first on Wednesday. It features a parody version of the Burt Reynolds 1970s classic comedy “Smokey and the Bandit,” complete with a black Pontiac Trans Am and an actor who portrays Jackie Gleason as Sherriff Buford Justice.

Weathers smashes a Bud Light bottle with a baseball batter and says:

You’re looking at me, Conservative Dad. You may be wondering how I ended up here. This is the unlikely story of an American who was fed up with the woke beer corporations and decided to take action. I’m on a mission and I will not stop until I see that all Americans can once again be proud to drink American beer.

Weathers’s Ultra Right beer is off to an excellent start. Fox Business reports that Ultra Right Beer was supposed to reach $1 million in sales after only 15 days of business. The company had gained over 10,000 new customers and sold 20,000 six-packs at $20 each since its April launch. However, those numbers have changed since sales for the company are soaring.

Weathers said in the ad he hoped Ultra Right’s success would help “overthrow blue-haired school board members and replace them with people like us.” He added: “Never underestimate dads who are on a mission.” Ultra Right will donate a portion of its revenue to the 1776 Project, a Trump-founded PAC which supports “patriotic educational.”

The disaster that is Bud Light continues.

Images are being circulated on social media, as we reported on Monday. They show that Costco has placed the “Death Star”, an asterisk at the top right corner of the price cards. The “Death Star”, also known as the “asterisk” on price cards, is used to alert customers that certain products will not be restocked.

As we reported on Tuesday, podcaster Joe Rogan teamed up with rapper O’Shea ‘Ice Cube’ Jackson Sr. to burn Bud Light into a charcoal briquette on The Joe Rogan Experience. Rogan stated, “People are tired of this s—. They are sick of controversial social issues being shoved in your face and you have to accept them. People say, “I don’t accept it.” Ice Cube said: “Politics shouldn’t be put in someone’s beer cup.”

Two factors are at play. Let’s face it, light beer is not popular because people like the taste. Former Bud Light drinkers have many options to choose from. Second, boycotts that are successful have demonstrable financial negative consequences for the boycotted company.

Anheuser-Busch InBev has seen its market cap continue to plummet in the three-and-a-half-months since the Dylan Mulvaney tragedy began. As I type, the corporation’s value, which was $ 134.55 billion on March 31st, is now at $ 100.38 billion, a drop of over 25 percent.

Analysts in the industry suggest that the company has lost 15 to 20 percent of its value, making it the best-ever example of “Play stupid game, win stupid prize.”

Even though I hate light beer, I will end this article by cracking open a can of Ultra Right to celebrate the epic fall of Bud Light. You can call it beer karma.