Did Biden Try to Sabotage Elon Musk’s Twitter Purchase?


The Biden administration has been attempting to censor social media in a number of unsettling ways. Biden’s team was hammered by a recent court ruling in Missouri v. Biden, which imposed a preliminary order on them to not illegally censor. The court’s refusal to grant a stay on the injunction shows that the Biden team has appealed and is fighting an injunction that only prohibits illegal conduct. The Ukrainians would flag those they wanted to be flagged and the FBI would then lean on social media companies.

It’s gratifying that Elon Musk is now in charge of Twitter. He has spoken out against collusion and released Twitter Files which shows a lot about the bad behavior of Twitter 1.0 prior to his takeover. This hasn’t pleased the left. The left doesn’t like free speech because it goes against their narratives.

There’s new information that is shocking about the Biden team’s alleged attempt to target Musk and Twitter.

Ernst & Young is the independent assessor that was hired by Twitter and the Federal Trade Commission to evaluate Twitter’s privacy, data security, and information program. EY believed that the FTC had improperly tried to influence its assessment of Twitter following Musk’s takeover. XCorp, the successor entity to Twitter, has filed a motion to obtain a protective order to stop the FTC from influencing their assessment of Twitter after Musk took over. They also want to modify the consent order or be released.

Senior EY leaders were so concerned that if EY quit as an independent assessor the FTC would take exception and cause ‘other’ problems for EY.

The House Weaponization Committee referred to it as “the weaponization of federal government in action.”

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-OH, put the FTC chair on the hot seat Thursday by asking bluntly during a hearing: “Why are harassing Twitter?”. He also stated that the FTC demanded to know which journalists Twitter was in contact with. This seems to be tripping over the First Amendment. He said that it was especially troubling when they were looking into government suppression of social media platforms.

Jordan explained the situation and the pressure that EY was under to find something against Twitter. She then asked Khan if Democrats asked Khan to do so. She denied this.

Khan claimed that she could not comment on the motion, as it was new. The work had been delegated to front-line staff so she did not know the name of EY’s guy who took a deposition in this matter. Jordan replied that this was not an excuse, as she knew she would be coming and being questioned on the matter.

Elon Musk, Twitter’s owner, summed up the situation for all: “Extremely worrying.”

He called it “insanely unlawful overreach.”

Repeat that. Who are the fascists in this room?