U.S. District Attorney Declares Intent to Pursue Individuals on Capitol Grounds on January 6th


Jan. 6, 2021, was a dark moment in American history. I’m not referring to those who rummaged around desks and carried podiums out of the Capitol. These were stupid things.

I’m aware that reports claim that various government actors and fifth columnists have helped fan the flames. I’m also aware that left-wing agitprops can do the same things, with far more disastrous results and with total immunity. Some may receive compensation. I’ll still state that it was a bad decision to enter the Capitol. The video did portray a false image of conservatives as a whole.

It gave the deep state, its media bullies, and their supporters what they had hoped for and prayed for ever since Donald Trump came down the escalator. They got a Reichstag fire, a smoking gun, and everything they needed to become fascists.

The only part of the equation is clapping people in jail for what was essentially trespass. The people who call themselves our rulers used the events on Jan. 6 as a way to redefine the term “Red Menace.” The Red Scare this time is the conservative population in the U.S. They continue to gnash teeth, tear their clothes, and wail.

They can then use this as an excuse to expand their efforts to eliminate those who do not share their views and have the temerity to express a different opinion. Do not be fooled by their tears or their indignation. Don’t let the media mavens or their indignation fool you. The Leftists were waiting for Jan. 6, and they weren’t going to be excused just because no one wore a buffalo hat, walked through the halls wearing it, or took Nancy Pelosi’s phone and minibar. If someone was on the Capitol lawn on that day, then they may want to listen for a knock at their door. Or a battering ram, whichever sounds more frightening.

As part of a bigger story, The Post Millennial reported on Thursday that U.S. district attorney Matthew Graves had announced that the next target group could be those who were at the grounds of the building on Jan. 6 but didn’t enter it. Matthews said:

Our prosecutorial discretion has allowed us to focus on those individuals who have entered the Capitol building, or who have engaged in violent, corrupt or abusive conduct. However, if someone enters a restricted area knowingly without authorization, that person is already guilty of a federal offense.

Take notes.

It is true that many law enforcement officials, as well as municipalities, have turned a deaf ear to destructive protests. They will continue to do this. The issue is that “the wrong people” attended the “wrong demonstration.” They also have the “wrong opinions.” Even if they did not do anything more than display a Trump sign, and then went to a nearby restaurant for a hamburger and beer later, these “wrong” people could find themselves before a judge.

They could be considered guilty if they showed up for support or stopped by to see what was happening. We have moved beyond rioting or criminal charges. The state is tacitly saying that it will go after those who have wrong thoughts. Those who express or support ideas that power brokers find objectionable or threatening are now guilty.

I believe that there will soon be a “January 6-Law.” This law will be used against anyone who has an idea or expresses a thought that the power-holders can turn into “insurrectionist ideas.” You can bet that someone has a draft on their desk. You may not have a draft, but you’re likely to find it in a memo.

The FBI sent this message to X on the weekend if you’re still not convinced:

Not the Bee reported that X users heavily rated the post, mocking the agency for boasting about the arrest of three people in Florida while it had so many other serious problems to deal with.

In my life, I’ve been to two rallies. When I was 13, I marched at a pro-abortion rally. Both rallies occurred during the Tea Party period, and I spoke at both. The first was held on the steps in front of our county building. One was on the steps of our local county building. In both cases, I advocated conservative ideas. What would happen if I, or anyone else today, did this?

These and other similar measures will be cheered by Democrats, their media, and other manifestations of leftists. Many people cheered the Nazi Party to power. Many people cheered the Mao takeover of China. Also, people complied with Stalin or Pol Pot. Perhaps they felt encouraged by the persecution of their political and ideological enemies, or maybe they just wanted to keep their heads low and avoid trouble.

The same people were living their lives, looking over their shoulders and spying on their neighbors, while hoping to hell that their neighbors didn’t spy on them. While the leftists can celebrate, they should remember that dictators will always go after everyone else once they have rid themselves of overt threats.

Once they neutralize us, we need to do two things. Memorize the meaning of “compliance.” Learn to eliminate your ability to think independently. You will face the same people who are after us. You can count on it.