Meet Ray Epps: Feds’ Not-So-Secret Weapon in J6 Protest Sentenced. Brace Yourself for the Verdict!


Ray Epps is the favorite protester of the federal government. He has received one of the most lenient sentences we have seen for a rioter from January 6.

Epps received a one-year probationary period from federal prosecutors and D.C. judges. Some January 6 protesters who are still in prison and some who have yet to be tried, mocked his recent sentencing memorandum. He didn’t have to be present for the Zoom sentencing.

Epps “only” had one misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct and not the felony that the feds boot-strapped into misdemeanors to create the imprisonable crime of interfering in an official government proceeding. This Enron corporate statute has been used against multiple January 6 prisoners. It has supercharged their case and led to long sentences for members of Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and others.

Epps, in fact, was one of the most prominent provocateurs both before and during the riots on January 6, which began at the Capitol Complex long before President Trump stopped talking at a rally regarding the 2020 elections.

Epps, on the evening of January 5, trying convince activists to enter the Capitol Building the following day. He was immediately recognized as a fed.

Epps whispered in the ear to a protester on the day of the riot. The protester then began removing the fencing around the Capitol.

Ray Epps’ Attorney says his January 6 charge actually helps him

Epps was again there on January 6 to direct people who were walking towards the Capitol to enter.

Epps is seen in the video as part of the crowd who walked up the Capitol through the barricades. He did not go inside.

The federal prosecutors excused Epps’s behavior in his sentencing report, stating that “Mr. Epps was stuck in the middle a crowded crowd.” He tried to move as much as possible to escape. He was seen in the videos moments later, walking between officers and protestors to try to deescalate them in support of police officers.

Both Proud Boys & Oath Keepers worked alongside cops. Enrique Tarrio, the president of Proud Boys, was not even in Washington, D.C., on January 6, and yet he was sentenced to a decade in prison.

Ray Epps is surrounded by powerful people. David Brock’s lawyers from the 65 Project have helped Epps to file charges against Tucker Carlson after he defamed him.

Epps’s light sentence, handed down in D.C. Tuesday, only reinforces the idea that he worked for the federal government. It’s not clear which branch.

Thomas Massie, Congressman posted on X:

Matthew Graves, the D.C. U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, announced in recent days that his FBI SWAT team would continue to arrest those who were near the Capitol Building park on January 6, 2017.

More than 1,200 arrests have occurred for people nearing or in the Capitol Building. 750 of these individuals have served jail time.

Ray Epps is not one of the high-ranking friends that Ray Epps claims to have.