Kamala Harris Takes a Stand: Republicans Accused of Attempting to Stifle Voter Voices


Old Joe Biden and his sidekick The Cackler lie with the same ease as they breathe. The left’s time-honored tactic of accusing opponents of doing the exact opposite is also a mastery. Reports claim that Vice President Kamala did it again on Saturday.

Harris spoke at Myrtle Beach, just a few days after her Kwanzaa celebrations. On February 3, Democrats will vote to show their love for Big Guy. Harris spoke at the 7th Episcopal District AME Church Women’s Missionary Society’s Annual Retreat, armed with a pile of Jan. 6 propaganda.

She stated solemnly, “Three years ago today, January 6, 2021, an angry mob attacked the United States Capitol. They used violence and terror to try and overturn the results of an honest and free election. ” They tried to overrule the votes of millions of Americans.

The protesters were there because they believed that their votes had been overturned and that Harris, Biden, and Old Joe Biden, their henchmen were trying to “overturn the results of a free and fair election.”

Harris wanted to convey to her audience the idea that Capitol protesters knew that Old Joe had won the election and won it big. They would, in their fascistic rage and determination, prevent the certification of the results and install Trump as the dictator.

Harris wasn’t finished, she said, “The Democrats were right to portray that on Jan. 6 when the Viking-horned guy was just one ace away from overthrowing the world’s most powerful governments. ”

Kamala, who did that?

The goal was to make Harris’ audience work to get Joe Old another four years to be the mouthpiece for the people running Biden’s regime. “Let’s keep our hands down.” “It’s time to dig in our hands. We were raised during a period like this and we love America.” Harris spoke as if he were teaching a kindergarten of particularly dull-witted kids: “We fight to protect the sacred right of voting, while they attempt to muzzle people’s voices.”

He argued that the former president is ineligible under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment which prohibits those who have taken an oath of allegiance to the Constitution but then engage in rebellion, from holding office. He claimed that the former President was ineligible to hold office under Section 3 (14th Amendment) which prohibits people who take an oath of allegiance to the Constitution but engage in insurrection from holding office.

Harris is correct, it’s the Democrats who are removing Trump from the voter list, not the Republicans. According to Harris’ self-serving and twisted story, they are trying to muzzle the voices of people.

For Harris and her ilk, the voice of the people must be heard and heeded, as long as the people give a full-throated endorsement of the Biden regime’s toxic stew of open borders, international weakness, skyrocketing inflation, and rising authoritarianism. Otherwise, the voice of the people must be silenced in the interests of protecting the voice of the people. Got it? You better.