Twitter Has a Dirty Little Secret


Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey and his millions of users are being kept from a very dark secret. No one cares about Twitter or what happens, as it is not the focus of anyone. 
People fell for Twitter in its early days, but quit when the Woke nonsense became too oppressive to continue their love, are not included. To understand my meaning, you will need to have some background.

Matt Margolis, a colleague at PJ Media, was suspended after linking to his VIP column stating Assistant Secretary for Health had pretended that Rachel Levine, four-star admiral Rachel Levine, were male. Matt refused to delete the tweet he called “offending”, so the logjam between Twitter, Matt, and Matt continues three weeks later. Matt is an inspiration to my life.

Paula Bolyard, our managing editor, was a great example of her loyalty to Matt. She also incited a larger fight against Dorsey’s digital flash-mob goons. Paula said that Matt had tweeted his article and Matt’s account was instantly locked within one week. Our official account was also locked shortly after PJ Media tweeted it. It is so, even though it’s been two weeks.

Let me give you an example to show you what the suspension of operations across the company has meant for us. While you are having a conversation in dark bars, a large, intimidating-looking man approaches you. He continues to taunt and ignore you. You are done with him. But, when you can see him clearly under streetlamp illumination, it will become apparent that the man you thought was tall and strong is actually older and weaker than you realize. This is Twitter.

People use Facebook for news, reading, and sharing information, regardless of their reasons. When we do not respect the Facebook Gods, it is a grave problem for our bottom lines. Twitter is not the place to share, read, and share the news. They are there to gossip and shout down their political enemies.

Twitter is Macbeth’s “tale, told a fool, full o’ sound and fury meaning nothing,” but it was nearly impossible to take a position against Twitter. Twitter isn’t important, despite billions of users worldwide and millions of dollars. Twitter was the first to be shut down. Now what?

Like the dead Russian he is compared to, Jack Dorsey is America’s Rasputin. He is a charlatan, who soothes the minds of corrupt and eventually doomed ruling class.