More Polls Show Looming Democrat Disaster


Since the 2020 presidential election, progressives have been acting as if they have an unstoppable mandate for the past year. They’ve had to deal with internal conflicts within their party and Republicans that aren’t interested in the type of compromise that allows the left to have all they want.

We are starting to see more polls that do not bode well for liberals and their self-proclaimed mandates. The latest Washington Post-ABC News poll looks like midterm doom to the Democrats. While a majority of Americans support President Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure package, his approval rating is at an all-time low. This was largely due to negative views of their political party.

Post-ABC poll results show that 46% of adults would vote for the GOP candidate for Congress, and 43% would vote for the Dem candidate. The GOP leads among registered voters at 51 percent to 41 percent, which is a historic strong result for Republicans.

Biden and his staff are not able to answer questions about specific agenda items. The administration’s handling of the economy and pandemic is disapproved of by pluralities. Particularly, the approval rating of Biden’s pandemic response to pandemic has fallen.

Respondents were asked whether they believed Biden had achieved much in his ten-month tenure. A staggering 63% answered that he had done “not much” or nothing.

Post-ABC poll shows Americans’ current pessimism. Despite mixed economic signals (falling unemployment and rising prices), 70% rate the economy negatively. Only 38 percent say that it is in a “poor” state. Biden is blamed by more than half of Americans and political independents for the fast-rising inflation. More than 6 out of 10 Americans, including 71% of independents, say that he has failed to accomplish much in his 10 months in office.

Voters aren’t thrilled by Dems like Terry McAuliffe, who want to exclude parents from educational decisions. However, polls show that they are evenly divided on which party they trust with their children’s education.

A majority of respondents support parents being able to influence what their children learn in school. Nearly half of those polled believe parents should have a lot of input on curriculum matters. These findings are not partisan, with Republicans supported by large margins of those who said a lot.