Judge Orders FBI to Stop Search of Project Veritas Founder O’Keefe’s Phone Following Raid


A federal judge recently ordered the FBI to stop taking information from James O’Keefe’s cell phone following a raid at his home and other properties connected with Project Veritas.

This raid was an alarming and scary overreach by law enforcement to protect journalistic work products. O’Keefe stated that his phone gives him a glimpse into other projects he is working on with his staff — projects the Biden Administration might not want him to cover.

O’Keefe’s home was raided by the FBI at 6 a.m. Saturday morning. A phalanx of agents took his electronics and other information. They claimed that this would allow them to discover how President Biden’s daughter got her diary.

They claim that the diary was taken. O’Keefe refutes this characterization. Ashley Biden, the daughter of President Joe Biden, reportedly kept a diary that contained disgusting secrets about her family.

Judge Analisa Torres directed the FBI to cease exploiting O’Keefe’s information and to confirm that they had done so by the end of the week. Since last year, O’Keefe has been in talks with Project Veritas about the diary’s provenance.

It was reported that O’Keefe did not steal the diary and there is no difference between him obtaining the document and what happens daily at the mainstream media and news sources with leaked documents.

Prior restraint is not enough to describe how frightening and intrusive this deliberate intimidation by law enforcement on a journalistic venture.

This raid recalls the one that was conducted by Kamala Harris, the former California Attorney General. It is focused on the work of David Daleiden who made a series explosive videos showing Planned Parenthood selling and buying aborted baby parts.

It looks like the judge’s decision is a win for journalism. Journalists who don’t like O’Keefe might not see it this way.