Tucker Responds to Joe Biden’s Divisive Remarks on Uvalde Shooting


Joe Biden proved himself to be the unifier after he spoke out on Tuesday about the Uvalde shooting. Biden moved away from sympathy and respect and started pushing for gun legislation without identifying the law that would have prevented the shooting.

“As a nation, we must ask: When in God’s Name will we stand against the gun lobby?!” Biden stated, “When in God’s name will we make the changes we all know are necessary?” Biden claimed that the gun lobby has nothing to do with anyone who is mentally or physically ill and willingly violates all gun laws.

Biden made a bizarre comment about deer wearing Kevlar.

Tucker Carlson claimed that he would give Biden credit because he was a unifier in Carlson’s remarks.

Newsbusters: The President of the United States is confused, frail, and bitterly partisan. He desecrates children’s memories with tired talking points from Democratic Party. His voice rises as he reiterates the same talking point over 35 years in Congress. He is driven by partisan politics.

Biden should have stopped to think about the victims and their families. This is distracting from the mental illness and real evil that many of these cases are displaying.

This is the problem. Democrats such as Biden don’t want to look at solutions that would actually solve such problems, like a single-point entry in schools like Andrew Pollack whose daughter Meadow was killed in the Parkland shooting.

You might also think about enforcing existing laws and following up on warning signals that are always present in such cases. It’s much harder to find effective solutions to complex problems.

Instead of focusing on “defunding police,” Democrats have shifted their focus to making it harder for criminals to be punished. Hunter Biden allegedly failed to disclose that he used drugs when filling out an application for a firearm purchase.

Stop criminal activity. We shouldn’t try to demonize guns or not address the problem.