Politicians Can’t Heal What’s Tragically Broken in America


As I said previously, I don’t like people who rush to help in the aftermath of tragedy. Any political party.

It is important to note that I hate politicians who rush to take pictures to score political points, while the details of a tragedy are still being revealed.

Although I write and think about politics all the time, I cannot do politics when it happens. It’s a good thing that I have people who are able to report on it. We are a news website, after all. I was unable to stay awake for more than an hour and avoid reading the news.

Celebrities and Democratic politicians don’t waste time reacting to terrible tragedies. They are mostly godless people who have never seen a corpse on their way to selling a tired political agenda.

I’m going to take issue with some of these tired talking points.

Steve Kerr, the Golden State Warriors head coach and a Tucson legend, railed against Republicans during a press conference where he demanded background check legislation.

Republicans aren’t the ones who shoot up people. The background check fetish is a falsehood that will not stop criminals and psychopaths from killing people.

Joe Biden was at his most divisive in his comments on the shooting. He railed against the almost mythical “gun lobby” and Victoria covered some of the responses that Dana Loesch made.

It took Dana Loesch, gun-rights advocate and radio host, a shorter segment on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discredit each of Biden’s cheap and untimely political points. She was given less than one minute to respond to Biden’s attack on law-abiding and legal gun owners. She didn’t really need to wait that long.

Victoria then shared this:

I am not heartless. These shots are always heart-wrenching. I have a baby. I worry. But, I doubt that disarming all legal gun owners in this nation will stop the crazies. Comparing boutique countries in Europe to this country is like comparing apples and oranges with utter crap.

One thing I do know is that the problems we see go beyond just the availability of weapons. There are many thoughts on this. They are not needed now, but I will end with this: America’s problems cannot be solved by some hyper-partisan bandaid that a politician applies.

Any politician.