Tucker Carlson Says He Is Still Employed at Fox


Fox’s decision to fire the most popular cable news host, Tucker Carlson, is still stirring up Leftists. Now Carlson has admitted it never happened. He told the news analysis website 19FortyFive via text message that he still worked at Fox. Carlson’s show may not be back on the air Monday, but it does mean that everything has been forgiven.

Carlson’s message for 19FortyFive is actually a confirmation of what Megyn Kelly, a former Fox host, said Thursday. “I want to share some news with you. Tucker Carlson was not fired. He is still employed at Fox News Channel.” Suzanne Scott called him Monday morning to tell him that he could not continue with his shows, that his company email of his had been blocked, and now they’re going to have to negotiate an exit.  The two will have to negotiate their separation. Kelly’s report is accurate. It would be nice, but Scott’s behavior, if Kelly was right, makes it less probable.

Tucker Carlson could not say goodbye to his viewers or staff if he were told that he would no longer be able to do any shows. Fox and Suzanne Scott treated their star in a peculiar way. He could not access the email of his company either. It is unlikely that the couple will break up amicably.

Kelly stated that he was still under contract and could not start a digital show, or podcast or negotiate with other employers. Fox could then silence Carlson and stop him from moving anywhere else.

If Fox has the money to pay Carlson, it would be up to them. It may be more profitable to let Carlson go than to keep him quiet if Fox continues to lose viewers, as it has done since canceling Carlson’s show.

Kelly continued, “They removed his show from the air.” Justin Wells was also terminated. He asked why, but the executives refused to answer. It was self-aggrandizement but it’s okay. Why did Fox executives not show Carlson the respect he deserved?

The Wall Street Journal speculated that Carlson’s internal emails, unearthed as a result of the Dominion Voting Systems suit, sealed his fate. The Wall Street Journal speculated Carlson’s fate was sealed by his internal emails that were unearthed in the Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit. …. Carlson felt that Fox executives had not protected him from the negative publicity that resulted from the Dominion suit because he wasn’t the one who had pushed for the false reporting.

Will Fox let Tucker Carlson go and find another job? Or will Fox make him stay silent until the end of his contract? Carlson may be able to honor his contract while also speaking out on current events. The nation is watching, but they are not currently interested in watching Fox.