Dangerous TikTok Challenge Leaves Boy with 76% of His Body Burned


WRAL reported that a boy who was taking part in a TikTok Challenge had 76% of his body burned when a flamethrower made from a cardboard box exploded, engulfing the boy in flames.

Holli Dark told the outlet that Mason Dark was “unrecognizable” in his current state.

Mason Dark, 16 years old, was seriously injured by the explosion that followed after he accepted a challenge to use a lighter to create a torch using a canister of spray paint on April 23.

Mason, 16, a student-athlete at Heritage High School, Wake Forest, North Carolina is now at the University of North Carolina Burn Center where he’ll likely stay for at least six months.

Mason’s hospital photos show him with a ventilator, other medical devices, and dressings.

Mason had skin grafts performed on Wednesday, according to the report. His mother compared the process to “seeding a lawn”, as she watched the skin of the teenager slowly heal.

Holli Dark, a reporter for the outlet, said Mason immediately jumped into a river to try and soothe the pain. She explained that when he attempted to remove his shirt “it got caught or something” and caused third-degree burns on his back in the form of a “T”.

Heidi Simpson, Mason’s grandmother, posted several updates about her grandson’s condition. Mason’s “BoBo”, Mason’s grandmother, has posted several updates on her grandson.

Simpson describes Mason, as a 16-year-old “very active” boy who runs track and plays football at his high school. She said he is happy with his job and looking forward to getting his license.

Simpson launched a GoFundMe fundraising campaign to help support the care of her grandson. The campaign raised more than $30,000 as of Sunday afternoon.

Simpson thanked everyone for their prayers, love, and support in an update on Saturday.

We are touched by the kindness of everyone! Thank you for your prayers, thoughts, and support. We thank everyone who has offered to help Mason’s brother Austin (13-year-old Mason) with other needs. Please continue to pray !!!! “The Lord is in charge,” Simpson wrote.

Watch WRAL’s coverage on the life-threatening injuries suffered by Mason Dark, 16, after he took part in a TikTok Challenge to create a miniature flamethrower.