Trump’s Perfect Response to Biden’s New Nickname for Him


Joe Biden was a mess during Wednesday’s remarks in Illinois. While trying to shift blame from himself for all the problems, he was constantly confused and lost in thought. He couldn’t understand New Jersey, despite having been a senator from Delaware for 36 years and being born in Pennsylvania.

This leaves Democrats in a difficult situation. Biden is unpopular and terrible. The Democrats are set to be beaten in November’s midterms. They don’t have any other options than screaming about abortion which doesn’t affect most people’s pockets. They have settled on trying to demonize President Donald Trump and the “MAGA people”, using terms such as “Ultra MAGA” and calling them extreme every fifteen minutes. They are focusing on this, and not inflation or their jobs. They don’t have any records to back it up so they are doing what they can.

Trump is not the cause of the suffering. Every mention of Trump reminds people how much better life was under his presidency. Democrats trying to portray someone as “extreme” doesn’t work when they are doing extreme things like encouraging protests at their homes against Supreme Court Justices. Americans have demonstrated that they don’t like this at all.

However, the brain trust behind the “MAGA strategy”, came up with something hilarious. Biden was instructed to call Trump “The Great MAGA Kings” during remarks he made to the IBEW in Chicago.

Trump could not have written it better to demonstrate how scared they are of him. It wasn’t Trump squeezing the FBI on his parents or setting up a disinformation truth board. Pro-tip, Biden folks? This makes Trump sound more confident and it makes you seem ridiculously obsessed. It reminds me of Hillary’s “deplorable moment” when Biden didn’t understand that demonizing millions of Trump supporters as “extremists”, isn’t a good idea.

Trump responded well to Truth Social, laughing and having a lot of fun with Biden’s obsession.

Notice that there is something else inside the sword. If they take it up, it will set off the left. The sword’s top looks almost like a Tesla logo. If he runs again, they will be completely confused.