DeSantis Cancelled from Woke NY Museum of Jewish Heritage Event


Event backers said that Ron DeSantis (Florida Governor) was to speak at the Jewish Leadership Conference at New York City’s Museum of Jewish Heritage in June. He was disinvited abruptly since he did not agree with the museum’s values of inclusivity.

Code words for “We are trying to be awake, so take a walk.”

The co-chairs of the Jewish Leadership Conference are Eric Cohen and Elliott Abrams. They explain that the conference will be held on June 12th and is supported by the conservative Tikvah Fund.

To plan the June 12th event, we had been closely working with the museum. We were then told outright that Mr. DeSantis was not “aligning with the museum’s value” and its message about inclusion. Either they disinvite him, or they tell us that our event is not welcome.

They moved the event. Bravo! They were determined to unload the museum.

It is cowardice when a Jewish institution (in this case a museum) tries to make a virtue of its intolerance by keeping Jewish heritage alive through the Holocaust.

There has been much back-and-forth since that piece ran. On May 9, the Museum sent its own May 9 letter with all technical excuses why it had reneged.

We don’t allow rentals for religious or political reasons. This is clearly stated in our charter.

False. In the past, they have hosted Chuck Schumer as well as AOC. Andrew Cuomo, former Governor of New York City, and Bill de Blasio, ex-mayor of New York City were also present.

The Museum gave this flimsy just after it began. It was hard to believe that any other reasons were given for canceling the event. Michelle Obama could have attended if they had.

It was a lovely tweet but you don’t seem able to explain the reason why the event was canceled. Elliot Cohen replied Tuesday in Wall Street Journal. They stated this time that the cancellation was “completely political.”

Phew. My head is spinning.

Why does a museum feel it appropriate to fly their “woke flag” when they are out in public? It is obvious that DeSantis would undermine the Museum’s mission to teach tolerance.

The rabbis are already complaining about the heat.

These letters to The Wall Street Journal revealed that donors also contributed.

I was instrumental in the fundraising efforts for the Museum of Jewish Heritage in the 1990s. In the 1990s, I was instrumental in raising funds for the Museum of Jewish Heritage.

Another: It was regrettable that Mr. DeSantis was not allowed to speak at the museum’s conference. He was also the National Director of the Anti-Defamation League (1987-2015).

These fascinating stories, these back-and-forths make for interesting fodder. It’s strange that a museum that promotes tolerance is intolerant.