Pelosi Gets Religion, Uses It in Naked Attempt to Manipulate Conservatives


Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker (D-Tito’s Handmade), is a Catholic but doesn’t wear her faith on her sleeves. Pelosi’s most prominent connection to her Church is her rejection of its teachings on life and her determination to defend and strengthen the “right to murder” according to the ecclesiastical authorities that she claims to respect. Pelosi isn’t afraid to use her religion when it makes her feel good, that is to say, when it helps her further her far-Left agenda. Pelosi pulled out the Gospel of Matthew Tuesday to justify $40 billion in aid to Ukraine at a time of rising inflation, high gas prices and a shortage of baby-formulas.

The superannuated hypocrite spoke on the House’s floor about the Ukraine aid package. She said: “So when you’re at home wondering, ‘What’s this all about?’ Just think about ‘When you were hungry, you fed us,'” It was a bitterly ironic sight to see a woman, who has long insisted that her religion was not allowed in politics, suddenly invoke the words of Jesus. Leftist politicians aren’t afraid to use manipulative and cynical Her intention was to co-opt opposition against the Ukraine aid package, portraying it un-Christian to try to intimidate Christian conservatives into believing that they would be opposing the very words and meanings of the Gospel.

Pelosi’s transparent ploy was not working with even one of these Christian conservatives. William Davis, whose twitter bio states he is Catholic, conservative and a Catholic, replied to Pelosi with, “For my time I was a defense contractor and you gave me more taxpayer money.” Other people pointed out that Pelosi has never sponsored a similar payout for the homeless and hungry in San Francisco’s district.

Pelosi did however use the same rhetoric last Oct when she cited to London Breed, San Francisco’s mayor, the same passage from Matthew as she criticized big-government socialist policies that had clearly failed. “Madam Mayor it’s always an honor to be with you as we talk about low-income housing and affordable housing and the rest of it, and to hear your personal experiences about it. You fed me when I was hungry. You provided shelter for me when I was homeless. Nancy said, “When I was naked, they clothed me.” “All those things in Matthew’s Gospel, the Mayor brings to this experience.

Pelosi even placed her pro-abortion stance in the context of her religious commitment. Pelosi, who was promoting her pro-abortion bill to overturn Roe v. Wade in September 2021, reminded us that she is a Catholic and a mother to five children. This is a precedent for the court. The court should uphold it. It really makes me feel very upset, in case it wasn’t obvious. I’m a Catholic, devout, practicing Catholic, all that. Evidently, her idea was that Roe would be supported if she, a supposed devout Catholic, did so. Pelosi’s complicated mind doesn’t always make it clear exactly where the connections are.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R.Ga.), tweeted that she voted no to send $40 billion in tax dollars from the United States to Ukraine. This bill does things that we shouldn’t be doing. Americans are facing a baby formula crisis as well as a border crisis and skyrocketing fuel prices. It is refreshing to see that some Washington politicians aren’t as self-serving, calculated, or disingenuous. There are not many.