Trump Wrongly Blamed for GOP Performance


Contrary to what some pundits believe, the midterm elections were very successful for Republicans. In order to win control of the upper house, the GOP must win three out of four Senate races. Republicans are also within striking distance from a House majority.

But there was no red wave. The combination of stronger-than-expected Democratic enthusiasm, underperforming Republican candidates, and a lackluster Republican party gave up several chances to flip House seats and give GOP a large House majority in January.

How can this be? Most media outlets believe that Donald Trump is responsible for the Republican Party’s poor performance.

David Plouffe, an ex-Obama campaign strategist, said that Donald Trump “presided over two disastrous midterm elections”. Plouffe, a former Obama campaign strategist, stated that Donald Trump had “presided over two disaster midterm elections.”

Second, 2018 wasn’t a disaster. Two Senate seats were won by Republicans. Thinking Democrats would likely lose the House in 2022.

Plouffe said that “Given the history of presidents in power, Democrats controlling all Washington, inflation,” it should have been a stronger night. He was deeply unpopular and supported many terrible Senate candidates that could end up paying the price.

Many pundits have pointed out that Trump isn’t popular outside of the Republican Party. His favorability ratings were almost immediately below the norm. Trump has never been “popular” in the sense used by the media. It would be an exaggeration to say otherwise.

The “horrible” Senate nominees are not winning. Donald Trump was a blessing for candidates in areas where he was popular and a hindrance to those in districts and other regions where he was not.

Last night’s popular media game had another objective: to compare the performance of Trump-backed candidates and Ron DeSantis’s.

Fox News:

Scott Jennings, CNN’s conservative commentator, gave a sharp analysis of the night. He compared Trump-backed candidates across America to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R.), who won a landslide win in re-election.

According to the GOP pundit, “There was a chance that Trump would not be a national winner. ”

The majority of Trump supporters believe in the “accept no substitutions” policy. DeSantis has already been in trouble with the MAGA community. Most of his supporters won’t be willing to support anyone while Donald Trump is still a viable candidate.

True, Trump’s candidate Mehmet Oz didn’t fulfill his expectations. This is not being discussed. Vance in Ohio won by 150,000 votes.

It still does not work.