One Generation Prevented the Red Wave


John Della Volpe is a hard-Left pollster who wrote FIGHT: How Generation Z is Channeling their Fear & Passion To Save America. He claims that his favorite age group saved midterm elections because they love skyrocketing inflation and open borders. Della Volpe tweeted: “One thing that I already know. If it weren’t for voters under 30, tonight would have been a Red Wave. CNN National House Exit poll R+ 13 65+ D+2 30-44 D+28 18-29 #GenZ did its job,” he said. If Della Volpe’s numbers were correct and 64% of voters aged 18 to 29 voted for Democrats, then it is obvious that the corruption and politicization in our educational system have worked.

He is bragging about the fact that the voting group that has had the least amount of life experience and was most recently subjugated to the Leftist indoctrination which dominates America’s education system, ended up voting the way it was brainwashed. Gee, that’s fantastic, if you want to see evidence of the constant propagandizing of vulnerable and impressionable captive audiences, but John Della Volpe or anyone else shouldn’t be proud. It does not prove that the Leftist case can be persuasive or compelling. Instead, it shows how patriotic Americans were far too complacent in allowing schools to become centers for Leftist indoctrination.

As the Left has always overplayed its hand, people have been waking up to this fact in large numbers in recent decades. Parents became angry and began to show up at school board meetings in large numbers protesting the imposition of Critical Race Theory (aka race-hate propaganda) in public schools. They also protested the presence of clear and unmistakable pornography disguised as “gender-affirming” literature. The Left found it so embarrassing that Merrick Garland, the Gestapo chief and indefatigable foe to “white supremacists”, actually sicced the FBI against those parents as though they were terrorist threats.

This endeavor has been ongoing since before Garland put on his jackboots to attempt to end the republic. Leftists started what Rudi Dutschke, a Communist activist, indelibly called “the Long March Through The Institutions” in the 1960s. In China, Communist leader Mao Zedong initiated the Long March in 1934 in order to evade the nationalist forces. However, the term came to be associated with his slow, steady, and patient rise to power that culminated in the Communist takeover of mainland China in 1949. The Long March Through the Institutions was the exact same slow, steady takeover. Leftists, Communists, and their allies slowly gained control over America’s universities, primary and secondary education systems, popular culture, and its ever-growing federal government.

This has led to a situation where those who are opposed to this all-encompassing and multifaceted establishment are generally derided everywhere you turn: in news broadcasts that are supposed to be objective and impartial; in lessons at every grade of the education system about the nation’s history, present condition and future prospects; and in movies, pop music, and many other places. This camp includes all of the talk show hosts, who are influenced by the political elites and act as if they are plucky outsiders challenging a corrupted and stultifying orthodoxy.

The 1960s anti-establishment rebels have now become the establishment around the globe. They are working hard to consolidate power and eliminate all dissent. Although they have been in power for decades in every field, the extent of their hegemony and their future plans has only recently become apparent, notably in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States. Their efforts over the years have been proven effective by the 2022 election.

Many of the Gen Z-ers who voted for the Left will as they age realize how stupid and foolish they were in supporting socialist internationalism, and the managed fall of the United States. Others will not wake up and will continue to cheer the decline of America as retribution for centuries of racism and colonialism. They will continue to consider themselves righteous for choosing all this, even as their cities and towns become more dangerous, squalid, and poor. They will have nothing but pride.