Musk Ends Remote Work In First Email To Twitter Staff Since Takeover


Elon Musk told Twitter’s workforce that it couldn’t work from home anymore and warned them to prepare for economic trouble.

On Wednesday, Musk sent his first email message to Twitter employees, stating that there is no way to “sugarcoat” the message about Twitter’s economic future. Bloomberg reports that Musk also sent his first email to Twitter staff. Musk spoke out about his concerns regarding the company’s ability adapt to his vision and the expected recession. He also asked Twitter’s staff to be ready for more work.

Musk has to approve employees who work remotely. The staff were also told they would be expected to work 40 hours or more per week.

Twitter employees used to be allowed to work anywhere. Musk’s vision of office work has led to the company adapting quickly to Musk’s. Staff should generally be required to stay in the office at all times. The company has ended the “days off” policy, which was a company-wide practice that allowed Twitter employees to take a day off each month during the pandemic.

The latest innovation at Musk’s company is Twitter’s new hour requirements. The company is having a hard time adapting to the growing pressure from advertisers to stop their campaigns. Musk ended the two-tiered verification system that was launched by the website on Tuesday.

Last week, the company filed paperwork to permit Twitter to develop payment processing software. This is part of Musk’s vision to make Twitter an “everything” app.